Friday, June 29, 2012

Top 10 Favorite Movies -- You haven't seen them all!

I guarentee, you haven't seen all of these. But they are my favorite movies -- I list I like to prune and fluff daily. Not in any order but surely for your enjoyment! Happy weekend!

Circle of Friends

Double Jeopardy 

For the Boys

Waking Ned Devine

Anne of Green Gables

The American President

The Commitments

Pride & Prejudice

Love Actually


The Mirror Has Two Faces

The Thomas Crown Affair

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Girl!? Where you been?

Woa! You know it's been a long time when you have to update your age and you might as well add two years because you're THAT close to your next birthday! Whew!

I won't bore you with where I have been..

Okay, I'll give you the quick version. In YouTube videos, Facebook status updates, tweets and instagrams.


Our fest went on through the rain.. Again! This year is our 30th Anniversary! IT. WILL. NOT. RAIN!

I sang with world reknown Irish band, "Cherish the Ladies". Dream come true!


I dislocated my knee and missed my BFF Rita's wedding. Worst. Weekend. Ever.

Turned 27. Shut up.


I was Maid of Honor at my BFF Michaela's wedding. I made this speech. It's awesome. :)


Random FB posts.


Took 16 kids to the National Catholic Youth Conference!

Set up the Thankgiving tables.. My favorite!



Took a bunch of girls to the March for Life!


Watched the Superbowl and tweeted through it..


My brother made this movie about my little sister, Caroline:

I played a wedding for St. Patrick's Day.


I spoke at my old high school on Chastity... See the hilarity ensue!

Did the Living Stations of the Cross with my youth group kids!


Our Bishop Confirmed 84 kids at my parish! Such an incredible day!

I also got turned on to "Draw Something". Best game ever!

Rita had a baby and Laura got preggie!


Got proposed to.. I will be the new Mrs. Chan Chak Hung.

Went to the lake for a few days... Gorgeous!

And now it's almost July and near time to the festival! Another trip around the sun! :)