Monday, September 26, 2011

The next million hits video!

And I'm in it! Watch my Maid of Honor speech for my BFF Michaela (Mikey) and her new hubby, Mark! It's pretty legendary!

Here's the speech:

Mikey and I have this inside joke where we bet that I will get really nervous up here at botch my whole speech. But let's be honest.. If you put a microphone and a couple of unsupervised minutes in front of Caitie Beardmore.. It's everybody else that gets nervous.

That's the only inside joke that I'll refer to tonight. Partly because it would be silly for me to talk about all our jokes when you don't know what we mean. And mostly because if I did, you'd think we're crazy. The only joke we've ever found that everyone else gets too are the songs that we've re-written for youth groups.. We're on YouTube! Actually, that would have been a funny way to do this speech..

(Music comes on, I pretend I don't know what's going on)

Yes, Mikey. You know I couldn't do this like everybody else. I'm going to tell you the story of Mark and Michaela and the *journey* of their relationship.

Just a polish girl
Livin in a lonely world
Hadn't found Mr. Right
She'd date anyone.

A California Boy
In Psychological Employ
Getting his PhD
He was almost done.

*** Now, I don't know if you know this , but on their first date Mark and Mikey (and Rita) went to this greasy diner on campus where all the drunk kids pass out. And Mikey was so nervous she called Mark a leprechaun. But I guess racial slurs work for this guy. ***

Breakfast in a smokey room
The smell of drunks and greasy food
For awhile she was real nervous
Called him a leprechaun, a leprechaun.

They'd been, waiting
Up until then, not successful
Been Calmly
Searching for the right one.

Single people
Looking for their one vocation
They found something
That night!

*** So here we are! At their wedding! Tho it took a little longer than Mikey expected to get engaged! ***

Workin' hard to get that ring
Mikey only wants one thing
(We were) Worried someone else would get engaged
Just one more time.

Engagements were in
Mark would choose
Michaela would sing the blues
The cycle seemed to never end
It went on and on and on and on

See, Mark was, waiting
Right time to start their family
Waited til God gave the green light

Engaged people
They became in adoration
When Mark asked Mikey to be his wife

*** Alright, I know you know the words. I want everybody to get up and sing to the happy couple! Sing to the married people!

Don't stop believin'
Hold on to that feeling
Married people

** Let's raise our glasses! I love you both so much! I hope that you dance and sing and laugh every day of your marriage the way that you will today! God bless you both! To Mark and Michaela!

To see Mikey and I's video, click here: