Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Monday, March 28, 2011

Is God calling you to adopt?

I don't know why.. I just had a feeling I should throw this out there..


Adoption is my option. Someday, I will absolutely, positively adopt a sibling group. And every so often I take a look at all the kids who are waiting for good homes and send prayers their way. (Sigh) Look through them.. There are so many kids right in our neighborhood, in our community, in our state, in our country. Read their stories. Pray for them.

Is God calling YOU to adopt?

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Studs for life!

via Aggie Catholic
via Thomas Peters

via the Holy Spirit! :)

P.S. Do you ever feel bad for the Holy Spirit? Like, that He doesn't get enough credit? I try to mention Him (I'm assigning the HS a gender, I know) in conversation a couple times a day to remind myself that He's around.. I also try to mention the UK version of The Office, so that's not saying much.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

7 Quick Takes - Jobs and Family!

Hello, gals!

1. I had my first over-the-phone interview today! As my job search begins, I'm spending a lot of time rehearsing my responses to potential interview questions.. in my car. Do you know what my favorite potential question is? "So, Caitie.. Although all your references say you have none, what would you say are your weaknesses?" ;) I honestly love this question because one of the best experiences of my life has been reflecting on the things at which I el suck-o! Seriously! See, I remember being younger and in awe of people who could say, "Oh, I am terrible at ____!" They were confident knowing that even if they weren't perfect, they were still awesome! And now -- I'm one of those girls! Bring on the weakness question!

2.My brother Tommy, who was supposed to go to the Oprah show with me, took a week-long job in Florida and can't go. So.. (are you hoping I'm holding a raffle to see who goes with me?), I'm taking my cousin, Maura. But if SHE can't go, you're totally next in line! :)

3. One of my favorite nanny families called today and asked if I wanted to come see Chloe, their 8 year-old play in a championship basketball game tonight. It was so much fun to surprise the kids and connect with Machelle, their wonderful momma who once washed the dye out of my hair in her kitchen sink. Yeah, that story is worth reading.

4. I've been babysitting overnight the past week and it's done a number on my sleep schedule. I get there at 11pm, study some more and the kids get up at.. I can't say it.. No, it's too early.. It's just too.. (sigh).. 5am!!! Ugh! It's horrible! I am NOT a morning person, but for me, 5am is middle of the night. One of the kids is deaf and I must say, I feel worse for her.. Having to deal with my sign language that is equally grumpy and incorrect, can't be fun.

5. I've been getting some great CD reviews lately! Have you had a listen yet? You can order at www.caitierose.com. Any suggestions for covers that I could record?

6. Can I just say? (You answer: yes, of course.) I am the best bachelorette party planner ever! As bridesmaid/maid of honor for my two best friends who will be getting married within a month of each other, I am planning two incredible bachelorette parties! Many surprises, wild activities, lots of fun.. And no penis necklaces or strippers! I can't wait to share the pictures!

7. I'm tired (see No. 4). Can I think of a number 7 later? Or can I just send you to my favorite blog ever.. My mom.

Go to Jen's Conversion Diary -- she's awesome blossom! And speaking of:


My 5-year old sister Caroline, or "Niney" as we call her, has been answering the phone lately on her afternoons off from Kindergarten. I've been pretending that I think she is my mom when she answers. She's over it now, but the first time was hilarious.

"Oh, hi mom," I said casually.

"uh.... Hi..."

"How was your Governance Board meeting?"

A pause as she wonders if I'm serious or not.. "Uh.. Pwetty good.."

"what did you wear to the meeting?"

Another pause.. Can Caitie really be this dumb?

"Uh.. Some high he-ohs. And my puhse."

"Oh! Your high heels and your purse, huh? So what are you gonna make for dinner?" I asked.

"Ugh," she groans. "Pwobabwee somfeen wiff vegetabwes."

LOL Isn't she funny? Also, at bedtime prayers the other night, she thanked God for skunks and cops.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

7 quick Takes - Lent & Oprah!

1. I should start with Lent. I really should. But here's the thing.. When I called my closest friends this week and asked them, "Ohmygosh! What is the bestest thing that could ever happen, that I've wanted forever and that will complete my life?" They didn't say sainthood. They said: Oprah Tickets.

2. Yep. I got 'em. In the last season of the Oprah Winfrey show to the Saturday Night Live Reunion! If there is anything besides Oprah that I'm obsessed with, it's SNL! This will be my dream day. My brother is an actor and in the same theaters that people like Amy Poehler, Chris Farley and Mike Myers got their start! He'll be on SNL someday, mark my words, so.. He's goin' with me! I can't tell you how excited I am!

3. Now, onto Lent.. Well, not quite. :) I officially gave up Facebook and honestly, if God had asked me, "Caitie what would be the worst thing that could happen while being off Facebook?" I would have said, "Uh.. You get me Oprah tickets and I can't tell anyone!"


I had so many people that said, "Oh, Caitie! This is like your biggest moment! You can cheat this one time!" But I called my friend Rita (who also gave up Facebook -- she changed my password and I changed hers) and she said, "No way! Sorry, sister. This is what Lent is about!" Grr! Stupid holy friends! ;)

4. In all honesty, I'm so thankful for Rita this Lent! She has really challenged me to make this a productive time. Facebook was much easier than we thought and we were both just substituting the time with other online junk.. Much like my friend who gave up Facebook last year and who ended up playing Tetris for 3 hours a day. Seriously. So Rita helped me carve out a new plan that really just got me off my laptop. Big help! Love those holy friends!

5. Rita and I decided to start reading Choosing Beauty: A 30-day Spiritual Makeover for Women together. I'm also reading Women Food and God (an amaaaaaazing read!) and re-reading Pride and Prejudice. So, with my calculations, by the end of Lent I should be pretty, skinny and married to a rich man.. Success!

6. I met our neighbors across the street today. Beautiful family. Been in the house for 25 years, have 5 children and 16 grandchildren. Apparently they are the big partiers of the neighborhood and have tons of people over to BBQ all the time. I can't wait! (Mostly because it sounds like there might be some single guys there..) They'll be sorry they invited this party-animal, but I'll make up for it with my newly famous dirty martini dip!

7. I'm gonna just use number 7 to say: go visit Jen @ Conversion Diary! Not because I'm out of things to say, but because her series on the words of the Our Father is so fantastic, sending you there is far better than making you hear one more thing about Oprah! :)

Seriously. Go! I'm about to talk about the semester I scheduled classes so that I could catch the show each day..

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

I'm an Irish-born gal from Roscommon who's spending St. Patrick's Day in Indiana. Oh, the horror! I can't blog in such a state! (Pun intended) So I'll just give you over to my new BFF (no, he has no idea who I am) who couldn't have said it better.

Go on with ya now!

And here's a song for your trouble:

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Monday, March 14, 2011





I'm not kidding.

I got Oprah Tickets!

In the last season of the Oprah show!

Thank you, Oprah!!

And the topic?

Get ready..


Good Lord in Heaven, I am beyond excited!

Here's how it went down..

A couple days ago, while doing my weekly (okay, sometimes daily) Oprah.com check, I saw that they were advertising open seats for this show and wanted the biggest SNL fans to respond if they wanted tickets!

Well, duh!

So I did! I sent this message:

Doesn't it pay off to have a brother who is funny??

(Thanks, Tommy! Er -- more like, YOU'RE WELCOME!)

And today I got an email saying that, if we were interested, there were seats available!

Well, duh!

I screamed and said, "Oh my gosh!" for about 10 minutes after I sent the quickest reply ever recorded in email history that included our names and contact information!

And then.. I waited.

10 minutes later, an email came back..

We were confirmed and officially on the list to attend the B-taping on April 6th!

Great balls of fire, I cannot tell you how excited I am!!!!!

Don't worry.. I'll keep you posted on the process and the day! :)

Sunday, March 13, 2011

My new favorite designer!




I've officially found my favorite designer! It's Sue Wong! I looooove her looks! Icy colors, full of texture and sparkle! JOY! The only thing I don't like is how SHORT some of them are! Whew! I'd be afraid that someone would see MY Sue Wong; no thank you! But they're still beautiful pieces! Take a look at Sue Wong's collection and swoon!

What they DON'T tell you about giving your life to God..

The past couple days I have gotten many variations of the same question..

"What's wrong?"

"Is something wrong?"

"Are you okay?"

At first I just answered, "Eh.. I guess I'm just tired." I have been on spring break, yes. But I'd spent a couple days looking for jobs in Chicago, a couple days in meetings, and been trying to squeeze social, family and maid of honor/bridesmaid commitments in there too! I definitely am tired!

Do they give a break on spring break for 26-year old seniors?

Then I thought, "Perhaps I'm a bit overwhelmed too.." Getting so close to the day I will graduate (finalllllly) and trying to decipher all the wrinkles I need to iron out before I do. Navigating a job search, collecting reference letters and maintaining a resume, all while keeping up with my hardest semester yet. I have a lot on my plate! Of course I'm overwhelmed.

But then I shut up for a minute (you're shocked, I know!) and realized something.

Although I am tired and I am overwhelmed, there's something more that's eating away at me and making me feel anxious. And I know exactly what it is.

My life is in God's hands. I've given God the reigns. I let Jesus take the wheel.

Darn it!

That song makes the experience sound so pleasant, doesn't it?

Well that is crap!

It's the hardest thing ever! I'm anxious, annoyed and even fearful. I feel out of control and close to giving up. I just want to do what everyone else does.. Get a job that pays well, an apartment that I can't afford and invest in some Pottery Barn. Can't God just get out of the way and let me do the thing that will make me happy now? The thing that doesn't push me out of my comfort zone? (Sigh) If only God was as smart as me..

Peter Kreeft, who I adore like a school-girl does Justin Bieber (didn't think you'd hear those two in the same sentence today, did ya?) said in his book Fundamentals of the Faith;

"But there is an obstacle to 'thy kingdom come', and it is 'my kingdom come'. For instance, it is absurdly hard to begin to pray, to put aside our many things and turn to the one thing necessary. That turning must be done again and again. It is the easiest thing in the world to understand and the hardest thing in the world to do, this simple turning of our attention and our will to God, saying 'thy will be done' and meaning it with all our heart. But it absolutely must be done. It is what we were made for, and Love will not settle for anything less. There are no side roads or shortcuts up this mountain ... To will God's will is not a matter of will power but of will, not trying to do it but doing it. Scripture hardly ever uses the word try but very often uses the word trust. Willing is choosing, committing, saying Yes. The thing is so simple and fundamental that there is no perfect word in the language for it except yes."

Well, I'm not giving in. Despite my anxious thoughts, I'm still choosing to trust in Him, knowing that He will put me exactly where I need to be. I'm reminding myself that I'll probably end up thrilled in the very place I swore I'd never go, and I'm looking forward to the peace I'll have when I'm carrying out His will.

Does it turn out better than you can ever imagine? Absolutely. But if anyone tells you that the journey's soundtrack is the following, they're nuts! :)

Thursday, March 10, 2011

7 Quick Takes - Sweet Home Chicago!

I gave up Facebook for Lent! Now, I'm not one of those gals who is obsessed with FB (okay, maybe a little), I just browse whatever comes up and update whatever comes to mind (then I "like" everything in sight and try to find people I went to preschool with). But even without going overboard, I found myself clicking on the book of faces and spending valuable time on the site without even realizing it! So, along with daily mass, excercise, and no-cursing.. no-Facebook this Lent it is!
See you in 40 days, Mark Zuckerberg!


I went up to Chicago for a couple days this week to start what I'm sure will be a long-term job search. I won't graduate until the summer, but I'll finally have a degree in Pastoral Theology and I hope to find something in youth ministry. Whether it be a parish or school, I'm excited to get OUT of the classroom and get INTO.. Well, possibly the classroom. LOL Highlight of the trip: I did drive by Harpo studios! To think.. I was probably 500 feet (and a gated building/security/tazer guns) away from Oprah herself.. I'd show you the video I took of my driving around the building 30 times, but you'd hear me whimpering from the thought of never getting tickets to her show. Yes, I'm lame.. Why do you ask?

I'm sure Chicago was happy to see me go though.. Mostly because, when rummaging through my suitcase, I ended up throwing my lace-iest bra in the back window of my car and driving most of the way home before realizing it. I kept getting honked at, but I thought it was just because I'm a bad driver.. My best regards to the driver of the green Honda Civic.. Thumbs up to you too, buddy!

In the midst of my pavement hitting, I had the best bowl of soup ever.
Cream of Carrott. I know. Yes. I said Cream of Carrott. I had it at Panes Bread Cafe (better than Potbelly's, not quite Panera) and (sigh) it was this light orange puree, like an overly creamed tomato soup and I, for the rest of my life, will be trying to figure out the recipe. I thought I tasted some celery and potato, so I think I will start here.. Deeee-lish!

My FAVORITE thing about driving to and from Chicago (besides showing off my delicates) is the tollroad. I know, weird. But here's what I love: on the cheapest toll ($.60), I pay for the car behind me and skeedaddle out of there so that they just have to accept the kindness.

It's a fun way to RAK someone (random act of kindness).

Enough about Chicago.

How about my CD Release Party!? It was fabulous! Around 100 people showed up and I had a blast jamming out with my friends Shawn Fitzpatrick from The Whiskey Brothers, Annie Schap (who really needs to have a place to order CDs because her music is incredible), and Chris "Doc" Meadows and Justin Matchulet! If you haven't ordered a CD, I just got a whole new shipment in! Just have a quick listen at http://www.caitierose.com/! And thanks to everyone for coming out!


Finally, as my spring break comes to an end and Lent begins, I hope we can keep each other in our prayers as we make this a Holy Season. Some Lenten Links for you!

Now, head on over to http://www.conversiondiary.com/for some real good takes!


Sunday, March 06, 2011

No bunny, honey.

Little sister, Annie: "Dad, why cant we get a bunny?"
Dad: "We already have two.."
Annie: "What!?!? Where?"
Dad: "In the freezer!"
Girls: "Daaaaad!"
Dad: "Look, bunnies stink and you have to clean up their poop.."
Little sister, Caroline: "That's perfect cuz I dont want a bunny.. I just want to clean up poop."
Annie: "So, now can we get one?"