Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Does Oprah know she's pro-life?

You are here for a reason:

"How I think one masters one's life is to understand that you are co-creating that life with the ultimate creator. Not understanding that puts you at your own pitiful, meager, little will and everything is left up to you. And YOU can't do it. YOU cannot survive in this world, by yourself, just believing in yourself. You're not big enough to do it. I'm not big enough to do it. Nobody is big enough to do it. You have to understand that your very presence here as a human being on this earth came from something bigger than you. And not justfrom your parents who wanted to have a child. The fact that that egg was hit by that particular sperm in that particular moment and you were created.. Wow! How amazing is that!? Of all the different choices that had to happen in order for you to be here now.. What a celebration that is!

"So when you recognize the mystery of that creation. All the circumstances that had to configure and reconfigure themselves. All the questions that we don't have answers to. You have to know this: the fact that I'm here matters. And the fact that you're there matters. This is no accident. None of us are."

~ Oprah on Master Class on OWN

You'd be stupid to not acknowledge all this but then say that there is nothing wrong with destroying that sperm and egg that has so mysteriously come together to form a person. Wish Oprah would get publicly behind the pro-life movement!

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