Wednesday, May 18, 2011


I've been gone forever, I know!

Don't hate me.

(You're thinking, "Caitie, its been peaceful without you.. No need to apologize! Really!")

Well, thanks. But really, I've just been so busy!

See, I planned my BFF's bachelorette party, went to her shower, babysat like crazy to afford it all, planned my moms 50th birthday surprise party, made her the video below, finished my semester along with the biggest project ever which I started the night before, I became the lone dweller in my house when my roommates moved out, I started summer session before I will graduate in July, I got a new job, I started work, I got some horrible flu and an ear infection which sent me to the ER, my brother was Confirmed (which I couldn't attend), my sister received her First communion, I found a new apartment, and, through it all, have been deep in prayer with some big intentions.

I've missed you though!

Now here's the video of birthday messages that I made for my mom.. Friends from Ohio, family from Ireland.. It's a whole lotta love for Noreen. :)


laurasuz said...

Darn. I can't see the video! I haven't even seen you lately so this would explain why. You do sound really busy! Maybe we can catch a movie sometime soon?!

Lady Caitie in the Pretty City said...

Lo -

Okay, I embedded it..

Yes, I would love to catch a movie! Life is calming down a little.. Or at least I'm creating a routine to my chaos. :)

Love you much!

E said...

Too cute! :)