Tuesday, April 12, 2011

My Lent Without Facebook..

** Disclaimer: There's no point to this post. I don't come up with anything poignant at the end or even attempt to make it interesting. This is merely a string of thoughts and pictures. I just thought you looked a little tired of those hum-drum coherent blog posts and silly complete thoughts that all those other bloggers put up! How boring! Well, no need to thank me.. Just let your eyes glaze over as you read on.. **

I thought it would be hell..

I thought I'd never survive it!

I was sure that I'd cheat (which is why I let my friend Rita change my password and she let me change hers).

But, despite a few brilliant, hilarious, unforgettable status updates that I was dying to share-- none of which I can remember -- it hasn't been that bad!

Thankfully, when I first told God that it was a little too easy, He got me Oprah tickets. He knew.. It was the one thing I would have loooved to post! Ruthless? Nah. It's been awhile since I've prepaid for gas and left without getting any.. God needed a chuckle.

But this Lent has been less of a struggle and more of a revelation for me.

As I've been evaluating what Facebook really does for me, I made the following list:

(1.) Waste time running through days of status updates like "About to go to bed" and "I'm on Facebook.." or the worst.. Melancholy song lyrics. Blah!
(2.) Keep tabs on old boyfriends who have no idea (thank God) that I just spent 10 minutes sifting through their photo albums looking for signs of semi-intelligent life (aka - a new girlfriend).
(3.) Update friends (read: bombard them with messages) about my CD release in hopes that each one will buy a couple and I'll have enough money to go to Ireland, tour with a band and be the most famous Catholic old-jazzy-irish-folk-bluegrass singer that ever lived!
(4.) Untag myself from unflattering pictures, a full-time job in itself.
(5.) Enter contests.

It's not that I hate Facebook. But I don't love it either. So, why am I on it? I don't know. I feel like I should give up Facebook for life.. I mean, still have it there to use if I need it, but not allow myself to get on and spend 17 hours looking at a screen.

Question is: Do I have the discipline?


You're so funny!


That one really had me goin'.

In the end, I have to wonder.. Maybe it's the thing that doesn't seem so bad that is the one to be examined? Maybe it's the thing that is hard to argue out of that will let the most danger in? With marriages crumbling because of Facebook and the Pope speaking out about its corruption, I feel compelled to keep looking at this to see what it truly brings to my life..

Plus, with all of the changes Facebook makes, why haven't they gotten rid of "poking"? Any program that keeps something so inane around is questionable in my book!


LauraSuz said...

I'd tell anyone to give Facebook up. The positive things that come from it are endless and completely out-weigh anything one might gained from being on there.

Wasting time is a big way for You Know Who to enter into ones life, in little ways at first that then turn into big ways. For me, wasting time meant not living a virtuous life. And a life without virtue is a hard one at that.

Lorie Benham said...

Ive been thinking about getting rid of mine to. I dont get the worst feeling from it. But I dont get the best feeling either. If u do it, ill do it!

Anne said...

Those cartoons are awesome. I have given up facebook by accident the past month--I just got really busy and didn't have time for it. I missed it for the first two days, and since then haven't thought about it much.

I wonder how much you'll use it Easter Monday? Do post an update!

Lady Caitie in the Pretty City said...

I think you might be onto something, LO! :)

Lorie - I'll keep you posted!

Anne - Aren't the pics cute? And I know.. once it was gone.. it was no big deal! That says a lot!