Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I write letters.. I just don't send them

I was giving one of my BFF's guff recently for not calling me back. Julia, one of my favoritest people in the whole world, has been a horrible caller-backer of late. And I mused aloud (ie - on Facebook) that I wondered if she was not returning my calls because I had recently made fun of her mandwriting.

I said, mandwriting.

You see, that is when someone has horrible manly handwriting.

And she does.

However, she is incredibly good at sending cards and little notes, for occasions big and small, no less! So in all honesty, I don't care one bit about her mandwriting. Though I do have the best handwriting in three counties, I have to say that I am the jealous one!

See, recently, I went through 1/4 of my parents attic. Now, about 9/10 of this 1/4 was my stuff. Boxes and boxes and boxes and boxes of papers and receipts and plane tickets and notebooks (which, by the way, had my signature scrawled across them with every imaginable last name.. all crushes of mine at one point or another). I used to save EVERYTHING!

But what did I find most?


To me? Nah.
Letters to other people that I had never put a stamp on and sent! Laura? I had like 5 to you. Auntie Cathy? Probably about 10. And Nana? Whew! You top the list at around 20. Thank you cards, encouraging notes, letters to just say hello! For Pete's sake! It was ridiculous!

And it hasn't stopped! I have a stack on my shelf right now waiting to go out! Although.. it's been a couple weeks.. I've forgotten what I said and now wonder if they're relevant..

I've decided that when I grow up and have a place of my own, I want a writing desk right next to the front door. My mom has the perfect little writing desk that we've had since I was a baby and I've already called it for inheritance.

On a side note, that's the great thing about it being me, then five boys, and then two girls.. When my parents, God love them, kick the can, the boys will go for the flat screens and hot wings. The younger girls will go for the crafts and blankies. I'll get the piano and china and writing desks. Success!

Anyway, until my days with the writing desk, I'm going to try and play catch up. So if you get a letter from me that talks about 7th grade or my driver's ed class, you'll know why.


Anne said...

Aw, that's a fun idea!!!

Mom said...

Ha! How weird that your mom just went her parents' attic last month! Same archives, just older. (and dorkier, probably!)Boxes and boxes of letters - how sad that years from now, no one will have that in their attic! We have FB and blogs instead? Your letters are priceless!

About Daddy and me kicking the can...well, you're going to have to be very careful about those grabby sisters-in-law. And I guess we better accumulate enough media to go around. Food for thought.

Lady Caitie in the Pretty City said...

Thanks, Anne! :) You're one of those great letter writers! :)

Dang sisters-in-law.. I think I'll start mentioning how much the bench in the mudroom costs and the value of Dad's tools. Hopefully they'll be gold-diggers and go for it! :)

Laurasuz said...

Oh my gosh - I WANT THOSE LETTERS!!! Send 'em my way. And we have a writing desk right next to our front door too.

And I'm rolling with laughter at the dialog between you and your mom. I vote for gold-diggers so you get the actual good stuff.