Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Annual Day-Before-Thanksgiving Kids Day Out!

It's that time of year again! Thanksgiving! Every year, on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, my siblings and I all pile into the car -- yes, all 8 of us -- and we head down to Indianapolis for a big day out! Here's a pic from a few years ago..

Don't we look happy? Yep, that's cuz we hadn't even entered the museum yet. We wouldn't look so good if we'd taken a picture on the way out!

See, yes -- it's the day where we get out of the house so mom and dad can get ready for Thanksgiving! But it's also the day where we go to the Children's museum and spend more money on admission, juice boxes and stupid light shows than the cost of our entire Thanksgiving meal and impending Christmas cards (postage included) combined! The day where we have to force at least two people to go (one of them always being Brian) and where we get out of the house at least two hours behind... schedule (one of them always being because of Brian).

It's the day that John, he being the only kid without ADD, reminds us, halfway to Indy, that we forgot something important and the day that Will ends up carrying all the coats and calming everyone down. It's the day that we lose Michael 30 times and the day that everyone, at some point or another, deliberately gets lost. The day that Caitie takes on too much and has a million "Oh-my-Lord, I'm-turning-into-my-mother
!" moments and the day that we all, at some point, stop talking to one another.

It's the day that the younger girls decide to have alternating meltdowns and the one that Tommy finds hilarious to antagonize each each person at their breaking point. It's the day that we vow to never take on again and the day that, halfway back to Lafayette, we can't help but start laughing at how terrible it was.

Yes, by the time we get home, it's the day that we want to forget but can't wait to remember. :)

Who's ready for more!?

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Hair today, dyed tomorrow..

Have I told you how often I win things? Oh! All the time. Seriously. Like, here's some stuff I've won recently:

-- Dirty Dancing CD/DVD set on the radio
-- $50 Gift Certificate to CSN stores from Tickled Red blog
-- a spa day for me and seven friends over Christmas break that includes microderm abrasion
-- a manicure and pedicure treatment
-- a free year's supply of Cold Stone Creamery (oh yeah!)
-- a free party for me and 100 friends at Howl at the Moon (won that twice)

And that's just a random list!

But recently I won a free coloring treatment at a local spa. Great, huh? I was super excited because I haven't dyed my hair in forever and it was looking a little dull. I got there at 1pm, a perfect amount of time to make it to my nannying job at 3pm, and flipped through a magazine while I waited to meet my stylist.




Finally I ask the girl at the desk, "Is she ready for me? I have to be out of here by 2:40pm.." She goes to find my stylist and Julie makes her way over. I'm relieved to see that she's ready to move quickly. "It will be tight," she says. "But we can do it!" She quickly applies an all-over color (a dark, chestnut brown with golden hues and red tones) and says that she'll be back in 30 minutes.

I'm sitting in the back of the salon and, after breezing through every magazine that has ever crossed the threshold of this place, decide to call a friend and chat. 40 minutes later, I look down at my phone and realize the time. "Julie?" I call out.

No one.

"Um.. hello?" I say.


Hmm.. I get up, walk around the corner and ask a nearby stylist. "Hi.. Um.. I've been sitting back here and I think it's time to wash out my color AND I really need to get going.. Is Julie around?" She sighs. (Great.) "Hold on." Then, with just a slight turn of her head, yells, "JUUUU-LEEEE!"

Another girl pops her head around the corner. "Julie left."

"Uh! No!" I laugh nervously. "No, no. Julie was doing my hair. See? She left me back there like, an hour ago. She can not have left."

Yet another stylist comes over. "Dang girl!" she exclaims. "Did she forget about you? Oh my gawd! She forgot about you! She must had left befoe she eden cleaned her station! Did she clean her station? Cuz I done tell her --"

"Excuse me!" I interrupt, giving them my best uh-why-the-hell-aren't-you-taking-this-seriously face. "Look, I have been sitting here for almost an hour! (No response) With color on my hair! (Brain-dead look in their eyes) Color that, I'm positive, is not supposed to sit on one's head for an hour. Now if this is your policy, I'm going to assume ya'll have been sniffing this here color, but either way, I wanna talk to a manager! And I need SOMEONE to rinse my hair! I really need to go!"

The girls all shrug and walk away, telling me that they'd find the manager, yet there I stand, still doused in GR-Level 5 and smelling like a bowl-o-bleach! The supervisor comes out, on the phone and obviously not wanting to be bothered. I tell myself, "Caitie. Be patient. Mistakes happen. Give them one more minute to rinse your hair and then you can leave politely." But, at this point, I'm already 10 minutes late! And then I hear it. The manager tells one of the girls to just rinse my hair and I hear her reply, "Ugh! She's kinda being a bitch about it!"





I took off my cape thing, picked up my purse and walked out the door.

I called the Hartfords and let them know I would be 10 minutes late and sped furiously to their home. As I walked in, old beach towel over my head, I round the corner to the kitchen and stop just short of the doorway. Machelle greets me and says that she's got roasted chicken on the menu for the evening (which is a whole other story that I'll save for another post). I cover my hairline and tell her that I am mortified and don't want her to see me.

Later on she told me that she thought I had some dental work done (haha!) but she soon found out what I meant. I stepped into the kitchen, took my hands down from my face and told her that I needed to rinse my hair because.. (gulp) because.. (sigh) because I was still covered in hair dye! Both boys jumped up from the kitchen table and ran over to inspect my head. Their eyes, lighting up like Christmas trees in hopes of a science-project-like situation AND, I'm sure, in hopes of a story to torture me with for years to come.

Happy to tell you, they got the latter.

Machelle went into beautician mode and had one of the boys run up for shampoo and some towels. She brought me over to the kitchen sink, I'm sure not even knowing how close to tears I was -- both out of embarrassment and hilarity -- and turned the nozzle on. As I put my head into the sink, she took over and finished Julie's job, rinsing all the dye out and even conditioning it herself.

We laughed about it and commented on the fact that only in life of Miss Caitie Beardmore would such things take place, but I was really quite touched! I don't think any of the other families I work with would have done the same! I'm telling you, if you ever get to nanny a family like the Hartfords, you are in luck! I am so blessed to know them and would recommend everyone going to to check out Machelle's business! She is truly a fabulous lady!

And I know she'll be so excited for next week when I leave my pedicure appointment pre-polish! :) Thanks, Machelle!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Say What!?

I'm sure I've told you.. I'm recording a CD!! Details (and pre-ordering available) at! And -- guess what! It's almost done! In less than one month it will be released and I can't wait for you to hear it! I did have a funny moment or two in the studio.. Here's one!

I was sitting with my guitar in the studio, ready to start a song, while Brandon, my producer and another gal were out in the room with all the buttons and gadgets. I could see them through the window and watched as he pressed the button that allows us to speak to one other and said, "Okay, can you hear me?" "Nope." I answered. He paused. "You can't hear me?" "No -- Er! I mean, yes! I guess I can!"

We all roared with laughter and I explained that I had been watching them talk behind the glass and thought he had been asking if I had been able to hear their conversation! LOL Whoops!