Sunday, May 16, 2010

Thar' she blows!

I had a girls' night out the other night.. We went to a movie and shopping and I thought I'd tell you about what klutz I am!

I arrived at the movie theater first (we saw "Letters to Juliet" -- it was darling!) and, because she was running late, grabbed the popcorn and drink. We were going to a new theater though and when I said "Medium Diet, please!" they must have thought I said, "Bucket o' soda!" because the guy handed over this monsterous tub. I practically had to heave it over my shoulder and ask for a sherpa!

So, I get into my row and pick one of the first few seats but just as I am lowering the popcorn and maneuvering the drink into the cupholder I lose my grip and Diet Coke splashes across the floor. Two older ladies a couple rows ahead of me turn around and sympathize, "You poor thing! You didn't even sit down, did you?" I shook my head sadly, put the popcorn down and treked back to the concessions for a record-time refill.

When I returned I saw one of the employees attempting some damage control on my spill and holding.. (Gasp!) my popcorn! "Um, sir.." I said. "That.. Um, that was mine." He apologized, saying that he thought someone left it and handed it back. As I entered my row again I tried to step over all the mess but was unsuccessful when I slipped on the floor and lost my grip on the gallon of soda. For the second time, gone was my drink, wet was the floor. The two ladies in the front row were nice in that they just gave my sympathetic looks, but I could see their shoulders shaking while they stifled laughs. I decided I was not going to face the guy at the snack bar for awhile.

I moved down the row to the middle seats and waited for my friend. When she arrived she said, "What the --!? Did you --?" I nodded sadly. "Figures." She shrugged and sat down.

Halfway through the movie we needed something to quench the crazy thirst that movie popcorn always brings. "Do you want me to go"? She asked. "No.. I've got to do this myself." I vowed. I brought back a full cup of Diet Coke and we enjoyed another 20 minutes of movie.

Until, this is, I reached for the cup, eyes still on the screen and bumped it against the arm rest, sending icy coke all over our shoes. My friend just looked at me and shook her head. She later told me she was sure that she was on a hidden camera show and it had to be a joke. The lady in front of me turned around and said, "Are you serious?" I gave her a sheepish look.. "Sorry." I managed. We moved down to the end of the row.

When the movie ended and the lights came up we surveyed the damage. "Nice work," my friend said. "Thanks!" I joked. As we stepped through the wet, sticky mess I thought about how I've been trying to stop drinking soda and that maybe this was God's way of helping!

Either way, my apologies to the guy who had to clean that up. I'll order a kids' cup next time.