Monday, September 28, 2009

Messages from Jesus to Mommies!

I've been debating about whether or not to post about this for a long time, but it's changed my relationship with Christ and I can't help but want to share with you! :) If I could pick only one of my posts to have you read, this would be it!! There were many videos to choose from, but I chose these ones as they are messages for mothers. I know that both of the people who read this blog are mommies (LOL), so I thought this would be a good place for you to start hearing the messages! :) I know they will knock your socks off and rejuvenate you for the vocation we call, "glorified laundress". LOL Just kidding! Love you mommies!

First, I want to tell you about "Anne" (not her real name, as she has been instructed by Our Lord to use a "pen name" of sorts). She receives interior locutions from Jesus, the Blessed Mother and many saints. She is a wife and mother of six children and lives in Ireland. She is a tender, kind-hearted woman.. Very soft spoken but gets right to the point. You will love her!

"Anne" writes word-for-word the messages in many volumes. See the DFOT website or email me if you'd like to get your hands on one! :) The main message in this ministry is that a renewal of devotion and faith in Jesus Christ is rising. I encourage you to get into this ministry.. If you can't afford the books, watch the YouTube videos on each volume. And sign up for the monthly emails of messages from Jesus given to "Anne". It will truly strengthen your relationship with Jesus!

And believe me, I was skeptical at first too. But I've spent time with "Anne" and my aunt and uncle serve in her ministry, Directions For Our Times. I shouldn't say her ministry.. She is a servant in the ministry; a tool used by God to reach others and ignite a renewal of love for His Son. But she receives the messages and, even if you don't believe she does, they are incredibly inspiring.

Here is the first segment of 12 in regards to mothers and fathers. If you want to watch the rest, continue onto YouTube and enjoy! Take some time to watch these videos over the next few days. Maybe just one a day! (Or, if you're like me, all these and the other 121 videos on that come up when you search "Anne lay apostle". LOL) But I know they will pump you up for the incredible job you do each day.

Volume 6: Segment 2
Volume 6: Segment 3
Volume 6: Segment 4
Volume 6: Segment 5
Volume 6: Segment 6

Volume 6: Segment 7 (From St. Joseph For Fathers)
Volume 6: Segment 8 (From St. Joseph For Fathers)
Volume 6: Segment 9 (From St. Joseph For Fathers)
Volume 6: Segment 10 (From St. Joseph For Fathers)
Volume 6: Segment 11 (From St. Joseph For Fathers)
Volume 6: Segment 12 (From St. Joseph For Fathers)

Friday, September 18, 2009

"You go, girl!" = Phrase of the day!

Some of you may know how much I simply adore my blogging friend, Betty Beguiles. Though we email occasionally and are connected on Facebook (the sign of any real friendship - Ha!), we have never actually met. However, we share a similar view of love and femininity and she's a mentor of sorts to me. Being a young, single gal who's trying to make good decisions for my future marriage now, as well as prepare for a lifetime of such decisions when I meet HIM, I so enjoy Betty's perspective and her outlook on marriage. Love ya, Bets! :)

Recently Mrs. Beguiles posted a very gracious response to some emails she had received. I'll let you check it out for yourselves, but no doubt you'll find she was her kind and compassionate self.

The emails that were sent asked Betty to be a little more "real"; to not put off such an air of superiority or perfection. They noted that her posts made her sound perfect and that it wasn't fair to hold others to such a standard.

Not only is this so far from the truth; Betty B. is all about sharing with others, not preaching to them, but it got me thinking:

We're of a culture that tries to put everyone on the same level. It comes from a place of good-will, but it's not always done in the right way. We're not supposed to congratulate the winner without commending the other participants. We're not to point out one person's strengths without mentioning the strengths of someone else. We're not supposed to allow one person's abilities to outshine another's. Don't get me wrong. I'm ALL for building people up. But I don't think you have to do it by bringing others down. Okay, that sounds a little "Saved By The Bell"... But really, sometimes I think it hinders us when we try to bring someone down who has put in the effort and the intention and just might be a little stronger in a certain area. There are times when we all gravitate towards that kind of negative attitude, but we gotta try out best to steer clear.

We should rejoice when a woman of God is thriving in her call towards holiness. When one of us has worked hard to become the lady that God has called us to be, the rest of us should rally around her and be thrilled. :) It is God's will that we all thrive and, just as importantly, it is His will that we be an example to others. Many times, God speaks to us through the lives of others. Betty's post struck me. We should not be calling each other out and trying to find weak spots. That is not living up to our potential as women. We should be trying to build each other up; even when it means someone else might be a bit "ahead" of us in one area.

Just to be clear, I'm not saying we're all meant to be exactly like, for example, Betty Beguiles. What I'm referring to is when one of us is fulfilling HER OWN PERSONAL call from God. :)

Someone once told me to say "You just made my day!" to one person daily. It is one of my favorite pieces of advice, a small act that makes a big difference and I'm going to try to take it one step further. I'm going to tell someone that they have made my day by letting me be a witness to their success in their call towards holiness. Betty B., you are my first; you made my day! You go, girl! :)

Friday, September 11, 2009

Friday, September 04, 2009

My Top 10 Soundtrack Songs

I love a good soundtrack! The music in a movie can bring you one step further into the story! You know I'm a romantic comedy junkie so no doubt these will be sappy and wonderful! :) Here are some of my favs! Open a new tab, keep browsing your blogs and consider the next 10 songs your soundtrack for the day! :) Enjoy!

"Crazy Love" in Phenomenon - This song and scene are both super hot! Maura O'Connell has a great version of this song as well! I don't think I've seen the rest of this movie.. LOL I just love the scene!

"Galway Girl" in PS I Love You - Okay, first of all, THIS IS MY JAM! I am a Galway Girl. I was born in Athlone and, as the lyrics go, my hair is black and my eyes are blue. I have a friend in a band in Cleveland. He dedicated this song to me one night.. Cute right? He's like 20 years older than I am. I'm hoping for my future hubby to rectify this traumatic experience and seranade me with this song. :)

"Coming Around Again" in HeartBurn - I love this song. I don't know what it is about it but my mom always listened to Carly Simon and though I'm not crazy about the movie, it's Carly Simon!

"Cruisin'" in Duets - This song is such a chill tune! I love it! Makes you wanna get in a convertible with a scarf over your head and hit the road on a warm sunny day! :)

"Bye, Bye Blackbird" in Sleepless in Seattle - Okay, this entire soundtrack is my favorite soundtrack of all time. If you don't have it, get it. Now. I'll wait.. Before you go though, listen to this one. It takes a minute to get started.

"Dark End of the Street" in The Commitments - This movie is a true story about a soul band that started in Dublin. It is one of my favorite movies; one I've been watching since I was a child -- though my mother would be horrified as the language is quite colorful.

"From Where I'm Standing" in I'm Reed Fish - This was a movie I watched by accident and was pleasantly surprised to see Schuyler Fisk, an actress who was in The Babysitter's Club awhile back, play a good part and a great song! She is an awesome song writer and this was a lovely addition to the movie.

"Camille" in Ratatouille - I love songs in French and this one is so cute! I imagine she's singing about her disdain for Americans. :)

"Colorful" in Rockstar - This movie has some songs written for the band that the storyline centers around.. They're really incredible songs, in my opinion! But this one is exceptionally beautiful. It's actually sung by The Verve Pipe - a great group!

"The Parting Glass" in Waking Ned Divine - Oh, this movie.. OH, THIS MOVIE! You have to see this movie! If you have any interest in Irish culture, if you want to experience the true Irish sense of humor and an innocent, sweet-natured film you could watch with the family this is it. Go. Get the movie. Heck, I'll send you one!