Monday, August 24, 2009

Extra! Extra! Read all about it!

I'm 25. And it's not as bad as I thought! Before I give you the Top 10 Moments of my Birthday Weekend, I'll just update you on my whereabouts. I'm back in Indy, attending Marian College. Ah! Actually, now it's Marian University! Still can't get used to that.. I'm living in a house on campus called the "Magnificat House". There's four of us in here and we are all discerning, not only our life-long vocation but what we're called to each day and each moment. We pray together every morning and every night. I love it! I started classes last week and it's an amazing feeling, knowing that I am exactly where God wants me! Hooray!!

Okay, now for the Top 10 Moments of My Birthday Weekend:
(** Instead of these being in rated-order, I'm just gonna do them how they occured chronologically).

10. New Guitar - My old guitar has been beat up for quite some time. The sound is horrible and the pick-up is broken.. I decided I would get a new guitar with my birthday money. It's a classical guitar, meant to be played in an orchestra or something, so it's smaller -- perfect for my little hands! I am singing at my friend's wedding next month so this was a perfect time to upgrade!

9. Dinner at The Patio - Have you been to the new place in the back of Bluefin Bistro? OMGosh! So cute! Their sushi was very yummy and drinks were superb! We went for dinner on Friday night -- about 15 of us and celebrated both my and Theresa's birthday. It was such a nice night out; great conversation and funny moments.

8. Dancing at The Muse - After dinner some of us girls still wanted to party.. We walked a few blocks and found a new club that has opened. We walked in, got a few drinks and hit the crowded dance floor. Oh, and when I say crowded, I mean empty. LOL Literally, we were the only ones in there! We kept requesting songs and danced for four hours straight!

7. Saturday morning with the girls - My sisters are now 4 and 6 years old. They are the loves of my life. :) They get so excited when I'm there -- sometimes too much -- and I just love being able to cuddle and love on them! I went to Annie's soccer game.. Oh my gosh, hilarious! The poor thing had no idea what she was doing. Her coach kept yelling, "Annie! No more talking! Watch the ball!" LOL Sounds like she's taking after someone else I know! :)

6. Kathy Griffin - Saturday night John (my brother) and I drove down to Indy to see Kathy Griffin at the Murat Theater. She is sooo funny! A bit (ha!) risque! But I love when she makes fun of celebrities! Amazing! We didn't have tickets going down there, but we bought two from a scalper.. I was scared that they wouldn't be legit but the guy also gave me a flyer for his one man show. Check out the video.. Should I go? LOL

5. Hanging with the guys - My brothers are hilarious. I don't know of any family that has as many or as hysterical laughs as we do. Saturday night we sat around our kitchen table talking and hearing Tommy's stand-up routines. I love my family!

4. Birthday dinner - Sunday we had a yummy birthday dinner. Salmon, grilled veggies, an orzo/spinach salad and watermelon. With an ice cream cake from DQ, it was the perfect meal! :)

3. Birthday dinner friends and family - Laura and Dan came over with Mary Grace.. It was sooo great to see them -- they are like family. It was weird to have a baby in the house again! Ryan had mentioned that he thought Dan was a nice guy, so I invited him as well, thinking they might enjoy some guy time! The Bishop and Jerinana came over too. It was a crowded, fun-filled birthday.

2. Presents - My mom hasn't given them to me, but I'm sure they'll be great. And checks. LOL

1. My old car - I have been driving my dad's old 1995 station wagon for the past year. When I got my last oil change, the guy said one wheel was about to fall off, one wheel was about to be un-steer-able and one tire was nearly bald. I have been terrified to drive this thing! Papa Bishop got a new car last week and surprised us by passing on his old one to us! So we did some rearranging and I got my old car back. Yay!