Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Turning 25? Don't fret!


It's been awhile.. And yes, I'm still semi-depressed over my fast-approaching 25th birthday. However, I must be thankful.. Many have never been given the chance to live or will never see their 25th birthday. Yes, I will look on the bright side! I will find the positive side of things about turning 25!! Here are the top 10 things I can be excited about when turning 25:

10. Soon I'll be off my parents insurance and living on the edge! I'll probably drive slower! Okay, probably not. But if I get my own insurance, my parents would never know if I, for example, put in a claim for something medically ridiculous! Knee implants or an elbow-plasty. What freedom I'll have!

9. I can finally rent a car on my own! In fact, perhaps that's what I'll do for my bday weekend.. Rent a convertible and drive somewhere fantastic like Chicago, IL or Monticello, IN!

8. If I came up with a 5-year plan, I would end up being 30. A great age to end with a 5-year plan! 30 is the actual scary age.. So if I have a great plan, I could be sittin' pretty by the time I'm 30! And isn't that what truly matters?

7. In the age brackets of surveys and online polls, I now am the youngest one in the group! 18-24? Nope. But 25-30, yes ma'am! I'm practically an infant!

6. I can finally run for US House Representative. You have to be 25 years old, you know! (Sigh) And now for all the policy changes.. My first action in office? Changing numbers so that you count "21, 22, 23, 25, 24..". I think that will help ease a lot of pain in the world.

5. According to the US Figure Skating Handbook, my time has come. With the help of a good amount of Crisco and a shoe horn, I am now able to slip into one of those little spandex numbers and fulfill my dream of become a master figure skater. (Sigh) Oh, the glory!

4. If I was a car, I would be considered a classic. I'm still trying to find the flattery in that one..

3. I could adopt a child from overseas! I've actually always wanted to do it and who knows.. Maybe on one of my many rental-car-roadtrips, I would find a little foreign baby who needs a good home! A year ago I'd have had to leave that baby roadside and only wish I was 25!

2. I can stop putting pressure on myself to audition for RealWorld on MTV. Yep, you can't be over 24 years old. Dang it.. I really feel like I missed the bus here but.. Oh well! At least now I can take it off my "to-do" list and not have such things hanging over my head.

1. I'll be honest.. I can't think of anymore.

(Sigh) You know what? After looking at all those silver linings, I feel a little better! Less than two months until the big day!