Thursday, April 09, 2009

More Prayers Needed

4/9/4009 6:00pm

Please keep praying.. I went to Michael's funeral today and have been working on 4 spiritual bouquets for the Eberle family. I've had the privilege of getting to be at CC and be there for the kids, but this has been an emotionally draining week. Then tonight I got two rounds of MORE bad news..

(1.) My friend Jonathan's father passed away. Jonathan has been working so hard to run the family business while his father has had some medical problems.. I worry for Jonathan because he's not one to say, "I need help!" He also has 3 younger siblings and I know this will take a toll on the family.

(2.) The family I nanny for is having issues. Can't say more than that but.. (sigh) Let's just say, the police were involved and there was no cat in a tree.

Just send some prayers. The Holy Spirit will worry about who needs 'em. LOLIt has been a rough week and I still have two more funerals. I thank God for all the graces available during Holy Week.. the only thing getting me through right now.

Friday, April 03, 2009

Many Prayers Needed

4/3/2009 11:00pm

What a sad day.

Today I got a call saying my friend's father had passed away on spring break in Florida. It was a tragic death and a very sad day for many in Lafayette. Please pray for Doug's soul and his family and friends.

Thirty minutes later I got a call saying my friend Michael passed away. Michael and I worked together at the Courthouse and he was a juvenile probation officer. About a month ago, he was in a car accident with his fiance and another couple. Both women in the car died and Michael was devastated. They were supposed to marry in June. Today he joined his fiance and the only positive thing I could grasp onto was the thought of their reunion.

It's been an emotional evening. I'm thankful my family had a safe spring break so far, but please also pray for them as they are almost all traveling home from Alabama.

Wednesday, April 01, 2009



I've tried.. oh, how I've tried! But I just can't do it! Recently talking to a friend about flirting, I told her that I think I am physically unable to flirt. Not only do I get sick to my stomach, but if I even get the gumption to try, I end up doing this little head twitch/hair flip thing while I blabber, "Hey.. you.. I.. okay, hi.. if you.. hey! I like your.. you.. you have a.. excuse me! Hey.. are you.. do you.. umm.. okay, I'll just.. yep. See you later." It's sad.

But my friend told me (and I was quite surprised to hear it) that, in a way, I flirt with everyone! My jaw dropped and I started to protest when she clarified.. not a sexy, shimmy-over-to-the-bar-and-bat-your-eyelids kind of flirt, but a make-someone-feel-good/enjoy-themselves kind of flirt. She says that I, by being hilarious, awesome (pretty much her words) and interested in others, make it easy for people to connect with me, which is the basis of flirting. Hmm.. I think she might be right, and this presents a problem!

How do I differentiate the way I treat a guy I like vs. the way I treat a guy I LIIIIIKKE!? Flirting is a little game-play-ie to me and that's just really not my style. Plus, I'm all about God being the decider in a relationship and I don't think he appreciates ones that start out with, "You from outta town?" Anyway, I don't know how to make it obvious to a guy that I like him more than a regular flirt. LOL Any ideas for me, ladies? How did you get your man? ;0)