Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Happy Birthday, Mary Grace! We've been waiting for you!!!

(Just warning you.. the slideshow below is the cheesiest, stupidest thing in the world. You will gag. But it's pretty hilarious! LOL!!!)

I am so excited!! My bestie-best-best, Laura, finally had her baby! A little girl! Mary Grace is so darn cute -- looks just like her daddy -- and I am so proud of my dear, dear friend! I've been drawing graffiti for Laura on her Facebook for a couple years now and made her this little slideshow of all my little drawings! Most of them are inside jokes but I laughed the entire time I made it and thought I'd share. LOL

Saturday, March 21, 2009

When you pray..

Today, the 9 year old girl that I nanny for said, "You know, when you pray, you should always be thankful for your tongue 'cuz you couldn't eat without it."

I laughed for like 20 minutes, it was so random!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I'm Excited..

.. And here's why!

As usual, my Top 10 List style will ensue, so without further audeu --

10. My nannying job. Gotta mention it again. They're paying for my summer classes and totally supporting my Target addiction. LOL But seriously, they're awesome!

9. I have no idea, these aren't neccessarily in order.. um.. Oh! I got it! I called my mom on St. Patrick's day and she was in Cleveland with the four youngest kids (Will - 13, Michael - 7, Annie - 6, Caroline - 3). Our family's Irish Festival (www.clevelandirish.org) has a float in the St. Patrick's day Parade in Cleveland and my mom and siblings were in it! It's a good sized Irish Thatched Cottage that my uncle built and the kids get in and wave/throw candy from the doors and windows. Anyway, I could hear my little sister, Annie yelling "Happy St. Patrick's Day!!" I wanted to turn around and be in Cleveland at that very moment. Next year, I WILL NOT BE IN INDY! It was fun, but there's barely any Irish culture here and it just feels hoakey. I was sad not to be there. Oh right! This is my #9!! (Ahem!) But it was great to realize where I'll be next year! LOL

8. My St Patrick's day - I went to Indianapolis PS #27 and, for a bunch of inner city black kids, did a program on Irish music, stories and history. It was really cute and a great experience! The kids seemed to enjoy it and I had fun too! Then, that night, I went and saw my old fiddle player, Brian, play with his new Irish rock band, Trooper Thorn! I facebooked a group of fiddle players from Purdue a couple years ago when we started McBeamons. Brian was one of them and he was awesome. When McBeamons broke up (creative -- or lacktherof -- differences, LOL) I convinced Brian to go to Ireland for a couple months. When he moved to Indy he joined up with this new band.. basically, he owes all his success to me! LOL JK. KO (Kind of). LOL

7. My family/friends/St. Boniface/Lafayette/the Catholic Schools.. It's hard being away from it all and when I go back, it's all I think about for days! I miss Lafayette a lot and I hope to settle down there someday.

6. I'M GOING TO BE AN R.A. NEXT YEAR!! Did I tell you this!? I feel like I probably did, but I couldn't find it in past posts. This means free room and board, but more importantly (okay, equally as importantly) a great experience! I think I'll do a good job and people have already come up to me saying they're excited that I will be their R.A. so.. YAY!

5. Spring Break in Cleveland: My uncle is the co-publisher of the Ohio Irish American Newspaper and they sponsored a concert with Black 47, a very.. socially conscious band from Ireland. It was.. the worst band I'd ever heard. Sorry B47. You are more than just 6 numbers away from a better band (Get it? The B52's? LOL). I know, you're thinking: Why is this her #5? It's just a funny memory. Like, I couldn't even stay in the room, it was so bad. But my uncle seemed really into it, so I didn't want to be rude (tho, I had to. I went next door to the bar and sat with some old man.. hey! He was single! LOL). Anyway, when we were walking to the car, I said, "Well.. they were.. good..." My uncle said, "Ha! They sucked. I just couldn't leave without taking down our sign and I didn't want it to seem like the OH-IAN only sponsored the first half of that crap!" Haha! Cracked me up! :)

4. Spring Break in Cleveland: My aunt, who rents out homes, had a tenant move out without notice or the last month's rent. I called him as their "attorney" and scared him into signing a payment agreement! Ha! You could practically HEAR him peeing his pants over the phone! It was pretty hilarious. Ask me about it sometime.

3. Spring Break in Cleveland: Got to spend time with my aunt -- my 2nd favoritest person in the world.

2. Spring Break in Cleveland: Got to spend time with my grandmother -- my favoritest person in the world!

1. I found out (in Cleveland, on my SB) that I got the San Damiano Scholarship! It, along with my R.A. position and grants, means that I will have a FREE RIDE next year! Whoot whoot! :) They don't pick very many people, it's a huge honor and an amazing opportunity, so I couldn't be more thrilled. I think it will be a great experience, as a future youth minister and a servant of the Church. It's one more confirmation that I'm on the path that God has set out for me and THAT is the best feeling in the world! :)

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

A quote of note..

Do you read Betty Beguiles' blog? It's one of my favorites! I was reading it today and fell in love with this line:

"In many ways, the years leading up to marriage and the choices
we make before walking down the aisle are equally if not more
important than our actions after we say, 'I Do.'"

This is where I am. And it makes me think of something I had to do recently.

The last couple months I have been talking to an ex-boyfriend sporadically. He always treated me so well and we do share a lot of laughs. However, I think I was mostly talking to him because I enjoyed the conversation, the flirting and I'll be honest, I miss being in a relationship! I knew it was leading him on though, and that it could continue towards something that I'm not interested in starting with him. The truth is, I broke up with him for a reason.

I thought of my future husband and said to myself, "Okay, Caitie. I know you're a little lonely now and you miss having a man in your life, but save it, sister! Don't be letting someone in your heart that you don't really want in there." I'm putting my future marriage first now, preparing for a lifetime of putting it first later.

So when he called last week, I explained [some of] this and said that we shouldn't talk anymore. (Sigh) It was hard but I know it will be worth it. The quote above just spoke to me and I said, "Hey! That's what I'm doing!" It was nice to have that affirmation!

Thanks, Betty B!

Monday, March 02, 2009

Saturday thru Saturday..

My favorite part of this weekend: getting to see my little brother (Michael, age 7) play basketball. First off, it was awesome to see him do something new and be pretty good at it. And second, it was hilarious to see all the kids attempt a feat of coordination that is not yet achievable for them. It. Was. Hilarious.

Next favorite thing was the game night that my friend Ryan hosted. We had a blast and though I didn't get to play as much Catchphrase as I would have liked (I was engaged in a game of Spades for awhile) , there was great fun, food and conversation. I made a baked brie that went over very well, so that was great too!

And finally, being with my family. I miss them so much. Whenever I walk in the door, you'd think Miley Cyrus was walking in with the Jonas Bro's in tow! The high-pitched screams are as flattering as they are deafening. And those are just my teenage brothers! Haha JK! But the welcome is always enthusiastic, so that is great.

Looking forward to: My cousin Maura coming in on Thursday and Friday from Loyola on her Spring Break. Then I leave for Cleveland on Saturday to spend my spring break with my extended family.

Not looking forward to: Midterms. Yuck.