Thursday, February 26, 2009

Something on my mind.. and it ain't Georgia.

I overheard a conversation about the Mass today and was kind of annoyed. Two people from two different backgrounds were debating which kind of Mass was better, Traditional or.. what do you call it? Oh! Praise and worship. Maybe it's just me but, within reason, I don't have a problem with varying styles of Masses. To me, the Mass is the Mass because Jesus comes to us in the bread and wine.. not because songs are sung in a certain way, or the priest faces one direction or Latin is used. I'm more of a traditional girl, but I could never say that the Praise and Worship Mass was less of a Mass because transubstantiation still occured!! We still should be humbled at the miracle that occurs before us. It seems like the people that I overhead (mind you, I don't know them and I can't say for sure) were preoccupied with what we do, as humans for the mass which doesn't hold a prayer candle to what God does!

I'm not a big fan of when people criticize Vatican II either.. I fully believe in the Holy Spirit's inspiration and guidance of the Church. Perhaps God is using Vatican II to foster a true appreciation of the Latin Mass, not just a "going through the motions" thing. Perhaps it's being used to encourage people to come to the Church at a time and in a culture that might require some of the aspects of a post-Vatican Church. I am not saying Vatican II was 100% ideal, I'm not saying it was a wrong move. I'm just saying that I, little ol' Caitie, have no business saying what God does or does not desire for His Church. No thank you! Ain't gonna go there! LOL

Anyway, it's just something that was on my mind..

I'm A Nanny!!

Can I tell you about this new nannying job I got? It's only a couple hours per week right now, but after speaking with over 50 families, I knew this one was the right one from our first emails! Little did I know just how great it would be!! Top 6 things I'm loving about this job so far..

(First, remember Nanny from "Muppet Babies"?
Loved her! Still wonder what she looked like.. )

6. They have a home theater. Screen almost as big as the wall, huge cozy recliners, lights dim when the movie starts.. Enough said.

5. They pay super-dee-duper! A couple dollars more than I charge in Lafayette and well, let's be honest; sure, I love kids! But in the end I'm doin' for the cash-ola, you know?

4. They got some connections! They're friends with a couple of the Colts' players and their families and... (drumroll please) The mother is friends with someone who is a member of THE ACADEMY! No, not Hogwarts! I'm talking the Oscars. The Academy Awards. THAT Academy! So, when a film is nominated for an Academy Award, they send official DVDs of the movies to the members. This woman lent them to my nannying family and I got to watch the unreleased version of "Revolutionary Road" and "Frost/Nixon"!! Incredible! I am a HUGE fan of The Oscars, so this was a serious thrill for me!

Side note: The Oscars this year were AH-MAY-ZING!
The best I have ever seen them and I watch them EVERY year,
without fail! My friend Cassie was impressed with them too, though
not as impressed with my ability to remember who has won for
the past few years and who wore what to the last Oscars!
Now you see why the above was so thrilling for me! :)

3. They've provided a room that is.. ready? HUGE-NORMOUS! I'm not good with estimating measurements, so I'm going to get up and walk it.. Hold on.. Okay, it's about 24' x 102'. It's like a finished basement! But it's upstairs and they call it "the bonus room". I have a couch, a loveseat, a HUGE flatscreen, a bathroom w/shower, a walk-in closet and gable windows (is that what they call them?). It's wonderful!

2. It's chaotic, which I love. The kids range in age from 2months to 19years, they're all very sweet and there's always something going on. My mom will want to wring my neck for saying this because I'm not as good about this at home, but I like the practice of running a house! I've been doing the grocery shopping, the laundry and the nighttime duty with the 2month old.. Not sure how much longer I'll be excited about that, but I enjoy it.

1. They have offered me a job during the summer! I'd be living with them and would be paid a pretty good weekly rate, while I take my classes! But you haven't heard the best of it!! They've offered to pay for my summer courses as well!! HOLLA!!!!! They are so generous and welcoming!

I have been praying about what I will do this summer and I believe this family was the answer to my prayers! I am so thankful that I met them and they have been very vocal about their appreciation of me, which is nice. I'll tell you one thing, this is good practice for being a mommy! Though, I probably won't get a check at the end of the week and regular nights off. :) LOL

On a side note, please pray for my friend Michael. He was with his fiance and another couple this past weekend and involved in a serious crash. Julie, whom he was to marry in May, was killed. He was so excited about their marriage.. My heart aches for the guy. :( So sad.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Can HE fix it!? Yes HE can!

Something I've been thinking about for a talk at Young Life:

When I was learning to write words, I remember messing up on letters and being really upset. I would have written the letter 'c' but should have written a 'g', for example. I distinctly remember my mom being able to come around and say, "Oh, this is no problem!" and adding a tail to my 'c', making everything okay and a perfect 'g' appear. I was always in awe that she could do that.. I thought she was a genius!

I've been thinking about the phrase "everything happens for a reason." I've always been a big believer in it.. I am a pretty positive person and I try to see the good in even terrible situations. I do believe that there are struggles that God puts us through for a reason, but I realized that if I say "everything", it would also apply to the effects of our sin. Since God never desire for us to sin, He would never desire the effects of our sin and therefore those cannot be within His plan.

I do believe, however, that God uses our sin, each "turn of events", as an opportunity to bring us to Him. Like my mom could use my letter 'c' to make the correct letter 'g', I think God is a pretty resourceful guy. :) He is able to take our mistakes, our sin, our huge messes and make them into something perfect! But we gotta let Him take the pencil. If we don't hand it over, if we instead hold onto it tightly and either insist on making it better ourselves or insist that 'c' is a fine replacement for 'g', we're never going to get the beauty that God can make when he touches a situation.

Sometimes I feel like I either hold onto my sin or get it to "disappear" in Confession.. I've given my life and my talents to God, but when it comes to my sin, I think, "Well, that's my problem! I've got to work on that and fix it before I can show God!" I'm going to try to start giving my sin to God and saying, "Can You fix this? I have no idea what I'm doing."

Friday, February 06, 2009

What to post, what to post..

I have a desire to post something, but I can't organize my thoughts into anything resembling coherency. I thought I might do one of those survey things but I've just done one on Facebook. I tried coming up with my own kind of thing.. You know how I love Top 10 Lists! Perhaps I could resort to another one of those? How about.. my top 10 You Tube videos? Yes?! Okay, then! Off we go!

10. Sweet Song for his baby - I found this song one time and get it stuck in my head every so often! It is just so sweet.. touching, really!

9. Heidi Talbot singing "Bedlam Boys" - Heidi has sung at our family's Irish festival with one of the most popular groups, Cherish the Ladies. After each night of the fest, we (the whole O'Brien family and friends and all the entertainers) go back to the hotel and partake in a little serving of the after party which always includes time for playing music! Heidi and I have sung a couple songs together over the years.. She has a beautiful voice and I love this song!

8. Best Guitar Player Ever - No doubt! I love to play guitar but I ain't doing nothing compared to this guy! You'll be amazed!

7. Scarlett's Tumble - Okay, for the full effect, you need to watch the whole clip. But if you're low on time, just let it load and then start it at 2:00. Huh-lare-ious! I feel badly for her, but it's too dang funny!

6. Wicked's "For Good" - I posted earlier (another Top 10 List.. see #1) about how exciting it was to see Wicked in it's last few weeks in Chicago a couple weeks ago! These are the two girls that played the leads in the show I saw and this song had me boo-hooing right in that front and center seat!

5. Anne of Green Gables - You can watch the entire Anne of Green Gables movie! This isn't actually the link below, but if you YouTube it, you'll find segment by segment, the entire movie!

4. Bonnie Hunt & Tom Snyder - This is one of the best interviews ever. Bonnie Hunt goes on Tom Snyder's show in its last few days! She is so fun! Make sure to watch Part I and Part II!

3. A GREAT prank - No matter how many times I watch this, I end up laughing hysterically!

2. The Eucharist - This is why I want to do youth ministry. To get kids there so the priest can do that so Jesus can do His thing. This video reminds me of Destination Jesus.. an awesome retreat we take the YL kids on.

1. Skit For Young Life - Michaela and I did this skit for YL and, when recreating it for some fellow leaders, were caught on tape! Always makes me laugh!

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Happy Birthday to my
best friend, Laura!
You deserve such a great day!

Love you!

A "must-see" video!!

Brings new meaning to the term "sleepwalking"..