Thursday, January 29, 2009

I <3 Dell!

I got a new computer a couple days ago!

Okay, not a new computer, but a new hard drive which is practically like a new computer! Two days before my warranty expired, I called Dell to report a bad battery. A couple months before, my charger wasn't working and I got a new one. For free. In three days! I thought, perfect! I'll do the same for my battery! "Nope." they said. It wasn't covered in my warranty but would I like a diagnostic test to see if anything else was wrong before my warranty expired? What the heck, I thought and good thing I did! I'm not sure what was wrong, but it's in the mail now! :) Thankfully my new suitemate offered her external hard drive and I was able to save all my music, pictures and documents and put it on my new hard drive! What fun! :)

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Have you seen this video? It cracks me up and perfectly describes my mood today as I watched the Inauguration of Barack Obama.

I am ecstatic that our country has come so far. We have elected the first African American President! It wasn't that long ago that we, as white people, considered black people to be so invaluable to our country. Now, the position we value the most is held by a black man. I am proud of Americans, in that regard, and am excited to have witnessed such an event in our history.

However, what does it matter if we start to value one race when we're killing the unborn of all races. I am praying so hard that this FOCA will not go through. Visit this site to contact Congressman Obey (perhaps his last name will actually mean something) who is the chairman of the Appropriations Committee. Pray, pray, pray!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Top 10 List!

Okay, yes. It has literally been like 6 weeks since I have posted. After my finals (which went incredibly well), I was on my Christmas break and moved back home for a month. My first week back at school is just about over and it is wonderful to be here again! I will give you a re-cap of my break in my favorite way; a Top 10 list! :)

10. Hanging With Friends - It was great to see friends again. Sometimes it is hard to come back into a group that has new dynamics, but all in all, it was great to see everyone. :) The pic above is from a trip to Chicago.. More below! :)

9. Starting a Marian College Sorority - Last night me and 3 other girls from my floor (pictured above, from left to right: Cassie, Brittany, me and Bri) were having a girl's night and we, through uncontrollable laughter, decided to start a sorority. This cracks me up for a number of reasons but primarily because I have always said I would never join a sorority (no offense meant, just not my style!) and this will be the lamest sorority ever created. I can't wait! We named it Lamda Omikron Lamda (LOL --hehe!). It is quite exclusive and hazing is encouraged so join AYOR (at your own risk). :)

8. Going Back to Work Over Break - I love my job. I am a court reporter for juvenile cases (delinquents and abuse/neglect) and though the cases can be sad, it is the most interesting job! I most especially love my co-workers! We stay in touch when I'm away and have such a blast working together. Though there was a little drama, I can't say enough about that job! Superior Court 3! Whoo hoo!

7. Being Home With My Family - I love my siblings so much! I can't tell you how much I love being around them. Here's one example of how hilarious my family is: my mom told me that Caroline was standing in the kitchen, wearing her usual outfit consisting of flimsy dress-up clothes, stood up and yelled, "Holy Mary, Mother of God, leave a message after the beeep!" (Sigh) You know you're Catholic when.. LOL

6. First Week Back to School - Yes, after being home for a month I was ready to get back to Marian, back to my dorm room and back to my routine. I started classes and next week will go to callouts for the Speech Team and for being an RA next year! I also got a bunch of fabric that I'm going to use on the first quilt I'm making (see pic above)! My neighbor has a sewing machine and I might get my hands on one of my own. I think it will be a fun project to have going on throughout this semester! I also rearranged my room and my bed now sits under a lofted bed (see pic above). I'm so happy to be back!

5. New Years Eve w/ Family - Since Tommy graduated and could be living anywhere next year, we decided to do a family vacation. Well, we didn't get far. We drove an hour down to Indy, stayed at the hotel that is connected to Circle Center and had a blast! We walked around downtown, we saw "Bedtime Stories" with Adam Sandler, we did some shopping and we went to the Body Exhibit. Okay, I am not someone who can take any amounts of blood and gore. This exhibit is HUGE! As soon as I walked into the first room, I felt like I was in one of those horror scenes where the camera spans around you and the room closes in and you hear, "Re Re Re Re!" I took one look at a leg bone that had cancer and literally ran through the rest of the exhibit. I waited at the end and was glad to see my family enjoyed it. One thing I wish I would have seen was the lung of a smoker, that would have been interesting, but in all reality, I probably would have gagged and ran away. New Years Eve we just hung out at the hotel, played card games and, at midnight, stood outside our hotel room (all the rooms faced each other surrounding the lobby, instead of hallways) and belted out "Auld Lang Syne" except we didn't know the words, so we just sang, "Yaaa yaa, ya ya, yaa yaa, ya ya, yaaaa ya, ya ya ya ya!"

4. Gifts/Purchases - I could leave the presents part of Christmas. I wouldn't choose to! But if one year went by that we couldn't do gifts, I'd be fine. This year, however, I was spoiled! One family I babysit for got me a neclace from Tiffany's (seriously!!! it's the one in the pic - above), my mom (aka Santa) got me some awesome winter boots and dress boots, and I bought myself a bottle of my favorite purfume -Coco Madamoiselle! It's normally $115 in the store, I got it online for $35, including shipping!! (Email for info!!).

3. Christmas - What can I say? I love Christmas! We, as a family, went to the 4:30pm Children's Mass on Christmas Eve and then my brother Brian (age 17) and I continued our tradition of also going to Midnight Mass later on! Beautiful, beautiful masses! Christmas morning was so much fun, as all the younger kids still believe in Santa. What excitement! I felt like Advent was so rushed for me, but I so enjoy St. Boniface's way of savoring the season. I was also excited because I got my sister's an awesome present.. I collected old prom, dance and bridesmaid dresses/shoes/jewelry from my old days and my friends and gave them a whole collection of dress-up outfits! Some of these dresses were pretty expensive, back in the day and are beautiful! I think it will be a gift they will enjoy for a few years, at least. :) It was a wonderful holiday!

2. Tommy's Graduation - My brother Tommy (age 22) graduated from Purdue right before Christmas. I am so incredibly proud of him! School has not always been easy for him and he worked so hard! I cannot express the excitement I have for him! As soon as the music started and the ceremony began, my mom and I both broke into tears and I tried to record every second of the graduation. Tommy works with a company who films concerts and live events and MAY go on Jeff Dunham's world tour! Tommy is living out his dream and I am so happy for him!

1. Chicago/Wicked - Okay. Here it is. The #1 thing I did over break: I SAW WICKED.. (wait for it) FROM $25 TICKETS I WON THAT GAVE US FRONT ROW, CENTER SEATS!! Here's the story: Me and some friends decided to go up to Chicago the weekend before school starts and see Wicked, stay the night, sightsee, etc. Everyone got tickets early except for me and a friend who decided to go for cheaper (aka nosebleed) seats. Well, someone (okay, I) dropped the ball somewhere along the line and we never got those cheap seats. I decided I would enter the drawing that happens two hours before the show that give out really good seats for $25. They drew 10 names and.. guess who was number 7!? Yes, ma'am! Whoo hoo! I was so excited! I got two tickets that ended up right in the middle of the row. The FRONT row! Really! If I wanted to see the shoes of an actor that was standing right in the middle of the stage, I had to peek around the conductor's head! Ahhh!! This musical is amazing. If you haven't seen it yet, you need to! Now! Afterwards I got the conductor's autograph and was on cloud nine for about.. okay, I'm STILL on cloud nine! It was a great trip but this all made it one of the best trips EVER! :)

Hope you had an equally as blessed time in the past few weeks! I tell you, making a top 10 list never fails to remind me of all my blessings! :)

Thursday, January 08, 2009


Please pray for my grandmother! She's in the hospital and about to have surgery. She is my favorite-est person in the world and the one I am closest to. If you have some time to say a prayer for her, I would so appreciate it! :)