Monday, December 08, 2008

Princess of Cleveland

Okay, I have to tell this story. Waaay too cute!

My little sisters (Annie - 5 and Caroline - 3) had a couple little friends over this morning. I called my mom to remind her to pray for me because today is the day of my first final, and she described what was going on in the world of my little gals. By the way, know that my sister Caroline is beyond drama queen. We say that she isn't bi-polar, she's tri-polar. Ex: Once she refused to get into the bath for my grandmother. Nana, not taking no crap from nobody, picked her up and swifly put her in the tub and though Caroline screamed a minute, she was fine afterwards. Later, when my mom asked her what happened, Caroline said that Nana tried to drown her. LOL

Okay, so the girls decide they're playing "Prince of Egypt". They have a baby-doll for Moses and everyone takes a role in the story. Mind you, they weren't exactly right with the time period.. there were some people from the Old Testament, some from the New Testament, I think Dora was there and my sister, Annie, was "Princess of Cleveland". Yeah, I'm not sure where all that was going exactly, but when it was Caroline's turn to suggest an addition to the story, she ran and got a cup of water and said it could be "the blood". Not sure if she was referring to traditions of Passover or just randomly thought blood would be a good way to spice up the story of Moses, but she was pretty darn into it!

Needless to say, it didn't go over well. I'm not sure all the little girls were as eager to take on Caroline's idea because when I called, she was yelling that Annie refused to use "the blood" and that it wasn't fair that they used everyone else ideas! My mom tried to suggest that maybe it had more to do with the gruesome-ness of the idea, rather than just because it was hers but I think Caroline was pretty adament that blood would have really made the story interesting.

Oh the drama.. I miss them so much sometimes! :)

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Wishes for fishes..

I decided that I would go out today and buy myself a fish. A fish! I'm not lonely here in the big city so much, but I thought, "Wouldn't it be fun to walk in the door and say, 'Hello, Barbara Streisand!'" which is what I would name a beta fish because they're beautiful but they will eat another fish alive, should it get into their territory. Appropriate name, I thought.

Anyway, driving to Pet-co, I started to think of where I would put the fish. I couldn't put it next to my bed, because I would surely, on the first night, tip it over and have Barbara flopping all over my nice clean sheets. No, thank you. I thought maybe on top of my TV, but then I realized two things; (1.) I kinda liked the thought of "watching TV with my fish". I know Babs wouldn't really be able to see my Lifetime shows, but it kinda made me happy that, if she wanted to, she would at least have a view of the set and we could share a chuckle over the 8th wonder of the world that is reality TV. (2.) What if I left my TV on all night, it got kinda warm and I woke up to poached beta?! No, no, no. The TV wouldn't work.

I decided on my desk. Mostly because I don't use it. I do all my homework on my bed or in the computer room on my floor. I also just got a little plug-in Christmas tree, complete with lights and miniature, sparkly ornaments, and it;s sitting on my desk. I'm sure Barbara would enjoy the view.

I walked into Pet-co, headed straight for the aquariums and it hit me. That pit-of-the-stomach, whirling feeling that rises in your throat and produces a full-on gag. As my eyes fixed on a tank so filled with goldfish that they couldn't even swim, I felt like I was in one of those scenes in the movies where the cameras pan around the character while they go into a panic attack, the music getting all swirly and garbled and the background being whisked into one big blur. I was standing in the middle of all these scaly, translucent, floppy swimmers and I remembered it. I hate fish. I hate them! They creep me out! What was I thinking!?

I backed out of the maze of aquariums and into an even worse section: rodents, hamsters, guinea pigs, RATS! I had to get out of there! I turned around and literally ran my butt to the safety of my car. (Sigh) I'm still feeling creepy-crawly and have completely lost the desire to walk into my room and say hello to a scaly Streisand. Or a fish.