Monday, October 27, 2008

Ankle sprain leads to good laugh!

Okay, so I think I forgot to tell you that I sprained my ankle a couple weeks ago. I was coming out of the chapel here on campus and the steps outside went like this - normal step, normal step, normal step, normal step, HUGE STEP FOR A GIANT!! I totally did not notice and I twisted my ankle and kind of fell. As my ankle (and ego) throbbed, I sat down on the huge, giant step and tried to figure out what to do. A man came out of the building next door and said, "Holy crap! I saw you fall!" Wow.. um.. Thanks? What was I supposed to say? He asked if I was okay and if I wanted him to call the campus police. I said no, but after he went back in and I repeatedly tried to "walk it off" (didn't quite make it), I knew it was time for a little COPS scenario (minus those sticks they use to beat people..)!

They brought me to the nurse on a golf cart (classy, eh?) and she, concerned that I had fractured my ankle, sent me to the hospital. Now, I don't know very many people here in Indy. One of them (an ex-boyfriend) actually lives very close.. though he doesn't know it (see past blog about stalking) and would have been my only choice for a ride to the hospital. However, based on the 411 in said blog, I wasn't going to call him. So, I told the nurse that I would find someone to take me. More importantly, I hadn't shaved my legs that day and am determined to find my future husband somewhere within the walls of any Indy hospital (read: doctor.. not a Daddy-to-be in the maternity ward or something!!). So, after shaving my legs, blow drying and straightening my hair and putting on my most-effortless looking make-up, I drove to the hospital. With my right ankle in a TON of pain, this drive caused me a lot of tears. Usually, when I accelerate on the highway, I let out a soft giggle. It gives me a warm, fuzzy feeling! But that day, whenever I accelerated, I let out a sharp, shrill scream. It hurt. A lot.

So, I got into the emergency room and checked in. When I sat down, I noticed all the people in there! Oh. My. Gosh. This was going to take forever. I asked the lady next to me how long she had been there and she said, "GIRRRL! I been here for an Ow-a (hour)! Don'tch you be thinking you gonna get in b'fo (before) me! Mmm-kay?" Oh boy. And there were others that had been there even longer! The lady on the other side of me had this continual shaking thing going on.. not so much seizure as withdrawl, if you know what I mean.

However, 20 minutes later, I heard "Kay-tree-ona Bread-mehr?" Close enough. Risking a good smack-down from my new friend and the potential for the shaky lady to latch onto me, I got up and raced (aka: hobbled on my too-small crutches) to the nurse. She brought me back to a small room and while she was setting things up, I was able to ask her, "So.. the other people had been out there forever.. How was I able to be seen so quickly?" She, without looking up, said, "Oh. Those are our regulars." I laughed and said, "What? Like crack heads? Hahaha!" thinking she would join in on my little joke. "Yeah, pretty much." She answered.

Ha! For a second there, my pain subsided and the joy of correctly using the phrase "crack heads" in a medical facility took over. (Sigh) It was kinda worth it. :)

And no, I didn't meet any guys, except for one 7 year old boy who got XRays at the same time. He was bored, so I let him play tic-tac-toe and draw me a picture in my Bible. I wasn't sure if that was wrong, but it seemed like the Christ-like thing to do. Then again, Christ probably wouldn't have had to use a Bible to keep a kid entertained. Preforming miracles, and all.

Sunday, October 26, 2008


First: You might enjoy this website! Find out how to clean whatever you got dirty!


Anyway, I was sent this "favorite" survey and thought I would respond on my blog, instead of via email. Mostly because I hate getting forwarded emails, and because nothing too exciting (or, at least blog-able --hehe) is going on, so here we go:

Full Name:
Caitriona Rose
Caitie, Caite :), Caitie Rose Panty Hose (my mom), Donkay (Mikey)
August 23
Roscommon, Ireland
Favorite Color:
Pink, white and a purply-gray :)
Favorite Movie:
"Once", "Love Actually" and "The Commitments" (can't pick just one!)
Favorite Book:
Joshua and the Children, P.S. I Love You, The Shopaholic Books, Mere Christianity, Jane Eyre.
Favorite Musical Artists: James Taylor, Tracy Chapman, The Cranberries, Maura O'Connell and.. okay, I could go on forever!
Favorite Candy:
Flake Candy --from Ireland (sigh). It's incredible!
Favorite Restaurant:
Benni Hanna's
Favorite TV show:
The Office! :)
Favorite Sport to Play:
Favorite Sport to Watch:
I like any sport live! :) Basketball, Irish football, baseball games at night.. Love it!
Favorite Time of Year:
The Irish Festival and Christmas! The anticipation and joy is so much fun at both times.
Favorite Place to Read:
In the grass!
Favorite Place to Hang Out:
My parents' backyard or basement!
Favorite Place for a Night Out:
Favorite Place to Vacation:
Ha! Like I travel so much anymore! But it would be Europe. :)
Favorite Place to Shop:
For clothes: Monsoon and Dunnes! (stores in Ireland) I would LOVE to go back just to shop! LOL
Favorite Drink:
White Russian or White wine!
Favorite Thing About Your Home:
Home?! Ha! Well, I would have to say my bed! Awesome sheets (400 thread count! Holla!), big comforter and lots of pillows.. (sigh) I love it!
Favorite Thing to Do:
Play guitar and sing!
Favorite Time of Day:
Oprah time! LOL
Favorite Store:
Favorite Brand Name:
Oh boy.. For handbags: Emilie. For jeans: Gap's Long and Lean. For dresses: i.e. For shoes: Unlisted. I don't really do designers.. just classic, good quality stuff. :)
Favorite Website:
Gmail, PostSecret and
Favorite Person to Call:
Mikey -- we always have something funny to talk about! And Laura -- she always has good news! LOL
Favorite Person to Get Calls From:
Julia -- it's rare, but she always calls with something great to say!
Favorite Person to Text:
My brother -- he has the craziest sense of humor.
Favorite Person to Email:
The YoungLife kids! :)
Favorite Person to Get Emails from:
Jonathan -- I have to open them in my room tho cuz I end up laughing so hard! LOL
Favorite Thing to Wear:
Favorite Person in the World:
My Nana!
Favorite Place in the World:
Our farm in Ireland!
Favorite Game:
Scrabble, Catchphrase and Texas Hold 'Em!
Favorite Vegetable:

Asparagus or Brussels sprouts!
Favorite (most used) Phrase:
"Oh, for the love of God!" and "Get outta town!"
Favorite Time of Day:
NOT the morning!! I am the biggest grump and will not partake in any conversation for at least a half hour after waking. Shhh!
Favorite Instrument:
Favorite Animal:
I'm not really an animal person. I like my dog, Murphy. That's about it. LOL
Favorite Actor:
Cary Grant, John Corbett (hottie!!), Ricky Gervais, Martin Freeman..
Favorite Actress:
Bonnie Hunt, Kathy Griffin, Deborah Kerr, Meg Ryan.
Favorite Trading Spaces Designer:

Oh my.. I don't remember their names!! NOT the one who stapled fake flowers to the bathroom wall.. That was terrible!
Favorite Piece of Jewelry:
Earings I got for my cousins wedding in Ireland when I was 17. I can't find one.. :(
Favorite Name for a Girl: Rose, Mary Claire, Coleen, Maura
Favorite Name for a Boy:
Owen, Hugh, Frank/Francis, Jack
Favorite Perfume/Cologne: Chanel - Coco Mademoiselle, Trish McEvoy - Trish, and Hugo Boss - Red.
Favorite Joke: In a small town in Ireland, a man, sitting in the doctor's waiting room, notices that the nun who had gone before him came out crying. When it was his turn to be seen, the man asked the doctor, "I saw Sister Mary Frances come out a minute ago.. she was crying!" The doctor nodded, "Ah, yes.. I was just after telling her that she's pregnant." The man gasped. "She is?!" he exclaimed in surprise. "No," said the doctor. "But it got rid of her hiccups!"

Okay.. I'm too tired to do anymore right now! LOL

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Makes you think...

What a way to get someone to think about something!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Poems from my Nana

Thanks to Crystal, I got the third poem I was looking for!! THANK YOU!! She gets the party! :)

I'm going to put together something for my grandmother and give these to her next weekend. But I thought I would post the poems to share with you! She can recite these from memory, by the way! Here are the three: (Mom - If you read this, DON'T tell Nana I found these!)

Murphy’s Little Nell
(Author Unknown)

"Murphy was one of God's gentlemen", that's what the sky pilot said,
and he should have known the make of man, out midst the wounded and dead.
With the shrapnel mixture and death shrieking around in the air,
that stamps the hallmark on a fellow and just shows if he's crooked or square.

We never thought Murphy an Angel, a six footer brawny and tough,
and he could swear too could Murphy, which Angels don't when the shells are cutting up rough.
But sure the next minute the smile was on, it was that smile that won many a pal,
And we knew Murphy's text afore he's begun, "Say boys, you should just see my gal".

And she wasn't a sweetheart either, just a quaint little maid of seven,
and Murphy would tell ye, "Her eyes are stars just touched with the blue of Heaven".
Her mother was dead and the girlie was left to lighten up life's dark way
for the dad who loved her best in the world and who talked of her night and day.

And the cute little letters she wrote him - Once she told him her doll had got broke,
'cause her pal Tommy Jones said 'twas German .. Murphy laughed for a week at the joke.
"Tommy shot it at eight in the morning with a hammer which did just as well,
So I'm hoping you'll send me a British one dad. With kisses and love from your Nell".

We pictured her bright as the sunshine skipping about in her play
and Murphy never lets on we were wrong, till we found it out one day.
Ginger Brown of Company B had the luck to get home on a pass
and what should he do but make a call on Murphy's little lass.

"Say boys" whispers Brown, "the kid's a cripple and sits in her chair all day.
Now I vote that we send her the biggest doll that's made out Boulogne way".

So we sent round the hat and bought the doll, it was Frenchie but would do as well,
And we sent it, "With love from your daddy's pals to Murphy's little Nell.
That very same night, through the winding trench, the word went traveling round,
"Boys, it's the charge and bayonet", so we went out with ne'er a sound.

While the guns kept up their booming like a dart for the foe we sped,
a volley - and then another, then into the death storm ahead.
A chap hasn't time to think much then, scarce a minute to mutter a prayer,
for the bullets are steadily whistling weird music of death in the air.

But we drove them into the trenches, holding fast till the break of day,
then they came on, on in their thousands, so we sullenly gave way.
Paying off the debts we owed them for the comrades we had lost
we struck a blow for Britain and what matter it the cost?

There were dead in our wake and dead before in that battle of man to man,
And Murphy fought with a vengeful hand, Nell's dad was, aye, in the van.
Then he stumbled back against me, his eyes bulged in his head,

"Oh my God", he cried, "There's Gerry, he's been hit. He's down - my pal,
I'm going out to fetch him, for the sake of Gerry's gal".
It was death to make the venture and we told Jim Murphy so
But he counted it his duty; it was a best friend's place to go.

We thought him mad but see he's out and racing for the hill
Where Gerry Baker's laying - will he win? No, he never will.
He's down, no, there he is again - each one held his breath
As Murphy, God's own gentleman was playing a game with death.

We saw him reach his comrade and sling him o'er his arm
And I know we prayed that God would keep the both of them from harm,
But the bullets zipped and whistled from the trench way up the hill,
And when almost safe amongst us, Murphy fell and lay stark still.

With his body covering Gerry's from the leavened hell that sped
Our eyes grew kind of misty, for we new our pal was dead.
When the dark of night came creeping and the stars looked out and smiled
We went out for Jim and Jerry, thinking of that child.

Sitting alone forever her dad would come back no more,
Gerry lived but brave Jim Murphy's fighting days were o'er.
But a man could ne'er dye better, his the long and dreamless sleep,
Hers the weary days of waiting, nights when she would wake to weep.

He was smiling, just like Murphy, in his hand he clasped a curl,
That he'd clipped when duty called him, just to remind him of his girl.
To the cannon's sullen booming, comrades laid him down to rest
far away from her he worshiped, little lone girl in the West.

Up comes Ginger Brown a-running, "Hey! Here's a letter come tonight,
It's for Murphy but I'm thinking it ain’t his little girl's hand-write."
"Read it Ginger", said the Sergeant and we all stood silent near
"Cause you know Jim might be listening - it might do him good to hear".

Ginger's voice broke, "It's from a neighbor and she writes this note to say
"God has taken home your little darling, Nellie passed away today."
Not a word was spoken. Sometimes words are vain and cheap.
We just crawled back to our duty, though we felt more like to weep.

Ginger Brown, he stayed behind us just to lift away the sod,
Leave the letter near the ringlet, leaving Murphy safe with God.
Life and death is just a riddle and I often wonder if it's true
That the dead can call the living - if 'tis so, Jim Murphy knew.

Maybe little Nell had called him way up to the Gates of Pearl,
Maybe they passed through together: Murphy and his little girl.

(Author Unknown)

She stood at the bar of justice, a creature wan and wild,
In form too small for a woman, in feature too old for a child.
For a look so worn and pathetic was stamped on her pale young face,
It seemed long years of suffering must have left that silent trace.

"Your name," said the judge, as he eyed her, with kindly look, yet keen,
"Is??" "Mary Maguire, if you please, sir." "And your age?" "I am turned fifteen."
"Well, Mary," - and then from a paper he slowly and gravely read,
“You are charged here - I am sorry to say it - with stealing three loaves of bread.

"You look not like an old offender, and I hope that you can show
the charge to be false. Now, tell me, are you guilty of this, or no?"
A passionate burst of weeping was at first her sole reply;
But she dried her tears in a moment, and looked in the judge's eye.

"I will tell you just how it was, sir: my father and mother are dead,
And my little brothers and sisters were hungry, and asked me for bread.
At first I earned it for them, by working hard all day,
But somehow the times were hard, sir, and the work all fell away.

"I could get no more employment; the weather was bitter cold;
The young ones cried and shivered (Little Johnnie's but four years old);
So what was I to do, sir? I am guilty, but do not condemn;
I took— but O! was it stealing? The bread to give to them."

Every man in the courtroom graybeard and thoughtless youth,
Knew, as he looked upon her, that the prisoner spoke the truth.
Out from their pockets came kerchiefs, out from their eyes sprung tears,
And out from old, faded wallets treasures hoarded for years.

The judge's face was a study, the strangest you ever saw,
As he cleared his throat and murmured something about the law.
For one so learned in such matters, so wise in dealing with men,
He seemed, on a simple question, sorely puzzled just then.

No one blamed him, or wondered when at last these words they heard.
"The sentence of this young prisoner is for the present deferred."
And no one blamed him or wondered when he went to her and smiled,
And tenderly led from the courtroom, himself, the "guilty" child!

Little Boy Blue
by Eugene Field (1850-1895)

The little toy dog is covered with dust,
But sturdy and stanch he stands;
And the little toy soldier is red with rust,
And his musket moulds in his hands.
Time was when the little toy dog was new,
And the soldier was passing fair;
And that was the time when our Little Boy Blue
Kissed them and put them there.

"Now, don't you go till I come," he said,
"And don't you make any noise!"
So, toddling off to his trundle-bed,
He dreamt of the pretty toys;
And, as he was dreaming, an angel song
Awakened our Little Boy Blue---
Oh! the years are many, the years are long,
But the little toy friends are true!

Ay, faithful to Little Boy Blue they stand,
Each in the same old place---
Awaiting the touch of a little hand,
The smile of a little face;
And they wonder, as waiting the long years through
In the dust of that little chair,
What has become of our Little Boy Blue,
Since he kissed them and put them there.

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Party in the bathroom?

So I found that my bathroom has, not only a ton of space (I could get my whole family of 10 in there), but great acoustics! It's been awhile (if ever) since I have been able to play my guitar and sing without worry that someone will be standing outside the door critiquing my songs, etc. This has done wonders for my voice; even when McBeamon's recorded, I wasn't using my full voice and I can totally tell a difference! It might sound weird, but I love it! I can pull one of my desk chairs into the bathroom, close both doors, and sing and play away! Now for lighting and pyrotechnics... ;)

Things have been good around here.. I had two midterms this week already and one more tomorrow. I think I've done pretty well, so far! :) This upcoming weekend is my fall break. Friday I have a choir show here in Indy and Saturday/Sunday I have one in Cincinnati. I'll be back Sunday night and then Monday and Tuesday.. I GET TO GO HOME! It will be nice to have a day or two to spend with my family and friends! :) Thursday I might go home again for Blue Jacket and stay for the big weekend: my grandfather's birthday! :) My whole family will be coming into town and it will be grrreat to see all of them! :)

Speaking of a grandparent, my grandmother has always recited these poems that her mother taught her. I was trying to find them to print them out and frame them for her. I called, got the titles and found two of them but have been unsuccessful in finding the third: "Murphy's Little Nell". If you find this (complete with author and year), I will throw you a party! And we all know how I love a good party! :) Perhaps we could hire a band and throw the soiree in my bathroom!!

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Lots of Ex-contact this week!

What is going on this week!?

In the last couple days I have found out that one ex-boyfriend lives 3 blocks away (he doesn't know how close we live.. he thinks I go to IUPUI instead of Marian and I haven't told him otherwise because he's a bit.. "enthusiastic" and I wouldn't quite put a light dose of stalking past him) and another ex-boyfriend is saying after our relationship, he doesn't believe he'll ever find the right one so he'll probably never marry.



I don't even..


I'm trying to figure out exactly what, if anything, God wants me to do with this info.. pray for them? Accept the potential of a new stalker? I have a feeling, it may be just to provide a few hearty laughs in Heaven. ;) Wouldn't be the first time! (Hey! Did you notice my past reference to a stalker in that post! Weird!)

Either way, I feel like I've just seen one of those crop circles, you know!? Like, there's a chance it could just be a coincidence, but it probably means something super-weird and you better be prepared for bad corn.

Laura - Are you praying hard enough?? You're in charge of Caitie's Future Husband prayers!! Do I need a Vice President for the job?? Maybe a Secretary of Defense? Or a Director of International Affairs!? (Not affairs, but.. you know what I mean.. I won't discriminate against men with accents!) LOL Oh boy, this could go on forever.. :)