Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Vote for friends!

So I decided, when I came to Marian, that I would let God bring to me the friends He wanted me to make. I said that I would use this time away from Lafayette to concentrate on myself and not worry about being a friend to everyone. Anyway, Kim is one of the friends that God did bring to me! She also has a calling to ministry and we have a lot in common. Can she sing, you ask? You tell me.. Watch this! Kim is going to be on the gospel version of American Idol! It starts filming in March! She has already been cast on the show, but you can vote for her here! :)

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Pics and Canopy Beds

This is my "Resident of the Week" award. I don't know who signed it. LOL Cracks me up!

I moved my room around. I want to get two black and white posters for above my "couch".. I'm thinking one of New York and one of an Old Hollywood star. Cary Grant? I'm sure they don't have shirtless, Abercrombie-like pictures of Cary Grant.. at least not poster size. :( LOL

I unlofted my bed and made a canopy kind of thing. It doesn't look so good here.. but it really is cute! I always wanted a canopy bed. When I was little (okay, like, 10) I would cover a sideways laundry basket with a blanket and put my pillow inside. Then I would put it on my bed, squeeze my head inside and pretend I had a canopy overhead. Of course, my nose was usually touching the over-head side of the basket, but it was still fun to pretend. Sometimes I would fall asleep like that though.. my parents took a picture one night. I'm still embarassed and won't post that one. LOL

Mikey is apparently coming down to Indy tonight! We're going to go out (I think) and then tomorrow go to the Indy Irish fest. Should be fun! :)

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Best day ever!

Have you ever seen this Spongebob episode? Obviously, I have only seen it because of my siblings (obviously, because, of course, I would never watch it on my own! Hehe.. That would be ridiculous!). Anyway, I still get that song stuck in my head.. I know it's lame, but it makes me laugh! Well, today was one of those days. Here's the top 4 things that happened today:

4. I went to find a Goodwill and found one in Fishers that is like Neiman Marcus! I found a Nine West purse, some BCBG shoes and a Prada coat, KID YOU NOT! Of course, they were not my style/size, but still! I ended up with three brand new Old Navy shirts and a floor lamp from Pottery Barn for beside my desk. I got a 20% discount with my student ID.. yes, it was "the beeeest daaay eevvverrrr!"

3. I had to lead the discussion in my Humanities class. This class combines literature, music and art and goes through periods of time talking about each. My first test included 15 peices of music that we had to listen to and identify the song, composer, year and genre. I really like this class! Anyway, I had to come up with 10 questions and my professor kept commenting on how "insightful" they were! Then she pulled me aside after class and said she'd never had anyone come up with such good questions in the history of that class! SAY WHAT!? Whoo hoo! It was "the beeeest daaay eevvverrrr!"

2. I passed my History professor in the hallway earlier on and she stopped me. I had just gotten my test back, the highest grade in the class! She asked if I was a History major. I said no and asked why she thought I may have been. She said my test (all essays) indicated a "significant capacity for History". I thanked her and she said she wanted to talk with me more about adding History as a minor to my degree! Wow! I was so flattered! She's ended up to be my favorite teacher and I really like her class. It was "the beeeest daaay eevvverrrr!"

1. And the number one reason I had a geat day: As I was getting my mail today I noticed they put up a "Resident of the Week" paper. When I got closer, guess who the award went to.. Yes, ma'am! I am currently the University Hall September 15, 2008 Resident of the week. Someone even signed it!! I took a picture of the "certificate". I'll try to post it later. But what an honor!!

It was "the beeeest daaay eevvverrrr!"

P.S. When I saw that I was "Resident of the Week", I laughed so hard that I cried. LOL!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Election Perfection!

Joannie has some incredible insights into the Election from a Catholic standpoint! Check out what she has to say.. How eloquent! I'm impressed.

P.S.! I found out that my suitemate is moving to another dorm! That means that I get a whole 2nd room AND MY OWN BATHROOM!! This was me when I found out.. Yeah. I can do that! :)

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Vaccination Information! :)

There's been some talk about vaccinations lately. I'm not trying to talk anyone into anything.. just give some clarifications on some things that seem to be confusing.

There has never been one study that says vaccinations can lead to autism. I'm not saying that they don't and parents have some very compelling stories that would support such an idea. However, there just has never been a single scientific study that proves any link between the two. I don't think it's too smart to base medical decisions for one's family solely on the personal stories of families who have been affected. I feel deeply for them, but there is more that goes into making such a decison.

In the 1960's, cells from two aborted babies were used to make vaccinations. There have never been any other abortions that contributed to the development of vaccinations used today after that. People seem to think they're on-going but it's not true. Additionally, the Church has said that the death of these two babies, although horrific and inexcusable, have ended up saving the lives of millions of people and supports the choice to vaccinate children with these vaccinations if the alternative is widespread disease. Measles is a good example of this. In 2005 there were more than 300,000 deaths from the measles disease. Last year, in Lafayette, a church got a new parishioner who didn't believe in vaccines and had the measles. Over 30 cases of measles developed and three of those people ended up on ventilators. The Church does encourage the development and use of alternate vaccinations on those vaccinations that began with the tissue of aborted babies, but there are only two routine vaccinations in which this is the case; the vaccinations for measles and chicken pox.

Read this study done by the Pontifical Academy for Life. As you can see from the letter, it is sent by the Vatican to those who request information on vaccinations from the Pope. Personal research needs to be done to make personal decisions and perhaps this study may allow for some clarification on the aspects one takes into consideration to make such a decision. :)

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

A little light on a bad day

Didn't have a great day today. I told Laura that I feel like I'm in the middle of teenage wasteland. (Sigh) I fear that I will become one of those dorks that only talks to teachers, but I'm longing for a conversation with someone who doesn't think "Election '08" refers to the student council.

Last night I was in bed when my suitemate knocked on my door that leads to our bathroom. When I didn't answer (mostly cuz I was in my lofted bed and it takes me a good 5 minutes to shimmy down), instead of assuming I wasn't coming to the door, she kept knocking and knocking! When I still didn't answer, she called my cell phone! Grr! She better thank her lucky stars that I need bungee cords and a trampoline to get in and out of bed.

At lunch, I sat next to a freshman table who I swear were talking about me.. that is the worst feeling. One guy in particular kept looking over and turning back and laughing, and sure, he could have been talking about something else, but it made me feel so self-conscious that I got up and took my plate to the kitchen. As I did, however, I spilled half my glass of red gatorade on my new, LandsEnd white shirt. I nearly threw down my tray and cried. Instead I walked out with my hand on my chest, covering the stain. And sure.. that's the place every hand on campus wants to be, but it wasn't on my terms. (Hehehe)

Then, as is possible on any bad day, I found a little something that brightened my attitude; a little typo in the Marian Newsletter. In the article that gave some tips for college living to freshman it reads, "Remember to stock your dorm rooms with snacks! They're great for those late-night crap sessions." (Sigh) Yeah.

Now that I'm thinking about it.. if that is the thing that made me laugh on this crummy day, maybe I am just as juvenile as the thirteen year olds that I go to school with.. :)

Sunday, September 07, 2008

If I was at Marian 50 years ago...

I would look like this:

Hott!! Haha! Thanks to my friend Elisabeth, I did this at Yearbookyourself.com! Would be a great thing to do for a friend's birthday as they have pictures from 1950 - 2000! Funny!!

Weekend was uneventful. I think I aced my History test on Friday!! I literally cannot wait to get my grade back! :) I think I'm going to go out and get dinner before the VMAs come on tonight..

See ya!

Monday, September 01, 2008


(Sigh) It's so nice to be back at Marian! Some say, "Home is where the heart is." I say, "Home is where my clothes are." :) I felt weird all weekend.. being at my parents' house makes me feel like a guest and I really enjoy having my own space. Even living there this summer was hard as most of my stuff remained in boxes. I am so glad to have a place for everything and I enjoy keeping it tidy (who knew?!). I really do like it here!

I had a great weekend tho.. my grandmother came into town! She flew in from Cleveland on Friday. I went to pick her up from the airport and we went to the Bishop's birthday party! It was a surprise party with over 100 people, some of which flew in from California, Cleveland (not just my grandmother!) and Texas. It was so nice and he deserved it! :)

Oh yay! While I was writing this, I had my door open and a girl from my floor came in. Wow.. that was hours ago! We've been talking and thinking of some ways to get our floor residents together (I think we're going to do a spagetti dinner). She was in the meeting that we had the first night I moved in and I thought she seemed very nice! I am glad she came in! :)

By the way, I made the Marian choir! :) I tried out last week and got in on the spot! I missed the first practice since I was picking up Nana, but I'll be at the next one on this Friday. I think it will be a good way to meet some new people and a great way to get involved. I'm excited!