Monday, August 25, 2008

Birthday and Room Pics!

What a great birthday!

Laura and Mikey threw a great party, Old Hollywood style! People came dressed as movie stars/characters such as Ingrid Bergman, Ace Ventura, Tom Selleck (Magnum PI), Marilyn Monroe, Leonardo DiCaprio, Hugh Hefner, and many more! I was Liz Taylor and Laura got me some great earings at Leapin' Lizards, one of my favorite antique stores around. The girls made great food and drink and it was so nice of Jeremy and Matt to let us use their place! :) All in all, it was one of the best birthdays ever! Ever!? Yes, ever!

Today I went through each syllabus and made a complete calendar for all my classes. Whew! I did a bunch of homework and reading. I have one more assignment to do but I thought I would take a break and post some pics of my room first... I took some when I first moved in but I don't think they're working. I took some more today. Here we go!!

This is what I first saw. Ehh.. Not very cute! And obviously this isn't the first time I walked into the room cuz some of my stuff is already there. Oh, and we had already moved my dressers and one of the desks. But you get the idea; it's prety blah.

This is what I see now. Yay! I got the picture of the Eifel Tower at Walmart. I used to have a big poster that was similar but I ripped it when I moved out of the apartment so I was happy to have found a new one! I also got the pink rug at Walmart and it's super cooshy.

I un-lofted the first bed and made it into a little couch. When you come in the door, it's the first thing to your right and my favorite part of the room right now. It took me and my mom and my brothers a long time to get the loft apart. My brother Brian, who is currently the size of one of those women body builders, couldn't even get it! I'm not looking forward to the day I have to put it back. But anyway, it's a cute set-up and I use the space below for storage! It would be a nice place to entertain, if I had any friends here! LOL

I kept the second loft up and this is where I sleep.
You can see there is a little bit of wall that cuts in over the bed in the corner (it's better in the first picture).. I have hit my head on that quite a few times. Also, the chair that is sitting next to my desk is my partner in crime whenever I climb up. I have already made the rule that everyone has to be out of the room before I perform such a feat cuz it looks pretty ridiculous.

This is one side of my loft. I have a little shelf and a wooden box where I keep all my books and binders, etc. Also my trash is there. I found this water on sale at target for $.86 and it had lime in it. It was really good but I can't find any more. Anyway, that's my last bottle.

On the other side is my little "office area", under my lofted bed. It's nice and cozy and I can see the basketball court from my window. I also can see when the football team walks back to the locker room from the field.. it would be enticing, but they're all like 18 years old. (Sigh)
That box on the chair is a book for one of my classes. I have to send it back tho cuz I got the wrong one. It's my history book. My history teacher names all her cats after famous serial murders. It's a pretty interesting class, to say the least. And when I say interesting, I mean creepy. Oh, also you can see the desk lamp that still needs to be put together in the corner of the desk. I need a screwdriver.
no, I don't have a screwdriver.

On around the room.. That's a Land's End bag that has a new white shirt that I got yesterday when I went to buy some new jeans, black dress pants and a white shirt. I went to Castleton and it only took about 15 minutes to get there! I can get to Circle Center in about 4, but I thought it would be more expensive there cuz that's where all the "tourists" go.

This is the closet! It's HUGE! When I saw the room, it was smaller than I thought it would be and I was a little disappointed. But then I saw the closet and I got really excited! I was so nervous that day, I think it might have been the 3rd time I smiled all day.
It's a good closet.

I use one side for my vanity --I just pull a chair over and I can do all my getting ready there. The other side is my clothes closet. I put my dresser in there. I've got storage on the top. Underneath the desk is my hamper and I need to do some laundry in a serious way! I also need a new hair dryer. Mine started smoking the other day. Needless to say, I threw it out. But it was super cute and purple. Sad..

Next to the closet is my little mirror and behind that is the other dresser and the door to my bathroom! The bathroom is amazing! But first:

Here's the little dresser I set up with a picture of the family. Kendra, my suitemate, said, "Woa! Who are all these people?" And I was like, "Oh! That's my family! Aren't they cute?" And she was like, "There sure are a lot of them.." P.S. That is my favorite lamp ever.
I love this spot.

This is the first part of the bathroom. When I walk in from my room, the sinks are on my left, Kendra's room is straight ahead and the toilet/shower room is to my right.

Here's the toilet and shower. Yeah, so that's pretty basic. But it is a room on its own.. very nice, yes?

So that's my life right now! :) Hope you enjoyed the tour!!

P.S. Does it take everyone else 9 hours to upload pictures? That was just plain ridiculous!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

I've Arrived!

Despite feeling rushed, stressed and just plain overwhelmed due to my extraordinary smooth-ness as detailed in the previous post, I got all packed and moved to Marian today. I am pretty nervous, especially as I feel I didn't get a chance to "psych myself up" with an extra week. I cried a few times throughout the day.. but Laura called in the morning with some encouraging words. A big help to me! It was really hard to say goodbye to my mom and brothers. I'm tearing up just writing about it.. I'm actually glad that my sisters weren't there (they're in Wisconsin with my dad) because I think I would have been bawling!

My posts are usually upbeat, but I'm just so anxious.. your prayers would mean so much to me right now! I know that in a couple weeks (heck, probably a couple days), I'll think of Marian as my home and I'll have met some nice people. It's just.. right now I'm scared and feeling a bit lonely. I'm sure the next post will be back to the usual Caitie-style, random but hilarious! :) Hehe

I've set up my room pretty well.. only a couple boxes that I need to decide how I want to organize. Wanna see pictures? Sure you do!!

Okay.. it's not working. And I even made a little video too!! Darn.. I'll try again tomorrow. It's late and I need to go to bed.

P.S. I met my suitemate. She's the only one in her room too! Her name is Kendra and she's 19.. so far, she has not suggested we go crazy and watch a PG-13 movie. That's a start! :)

Thursday, August 14, 2008

You'll never believe what I did..

.. or almost did!

Today was Orientation for transfer students at Marian. I made my class schedule, met with my advisor.. All that good stuff. There were some tables set up with drinks in the library and I sat down to go through my folder and make sure I had done everything. A girl sat down next to me and we started talking as we both looked through all the information. I stopped on the academic calendar and noticed that it said classes start on Aug. 18th. "Oh my.." I thought. "There's a typo! Classes start on the 26th! I hope no one got fired over that.. Maybe I am the only one who noticed!! I wonder if I should point it out to someone.." But then I looked at the other dates and saw that the rest of the dates were a week earlier than I thought too. Hmm.. Surely I couldn't have the wrong start date!! This is when classes begin! Everyone knows when their freaking classes begin!

I leaned over the girl next to me and said, "So.. Classes start the 18th, huh?" Without looking up she said, "Yep." I was stunned. Could she be wrong too!? "Yeah.." I started. "The 18th.. (Sigh) Not the 26th though!" She looked at me confused and said, "I know!" I could not believe it! I had the wong start date of my college classes! AHH! I was this close to missing my first week of school! Can you see me moving in the next week, everyone already have been there! I'd be walking around going, "Hey! Ready for classes to start?" "Woa! You guys already have your rooms all moved in!" "Ha! Why are you doing homework already!? Nerd!"


Just a day in the life of Caitie! LOL

I found out why I thought it was the 26th.. A month or two ago, when I looked up the start date to tell work when I would be leaving, my google search led me onto this site. You'll notice the start date says August 26th. No problem, right!? Not right. Unfortunately, that is the academic schedule of Marian College's in Fond de lac, Wisconsin. Just to clarify, I am going to Marian College in Indianapolis, Indiana.

So I am an idiot.


Wednesday, August 06, 2008

First new blog - An update!

Since my last, old-blog blog, I have found out that I got put in a single room at Marian!! Well, it's actually a double room, but I'll be the only one in it and that means I'll have two beds, two dressers, two closets! I won't need two desks, but it will give more opportunity for organization -- a skill that I definitely don't have two of! :)

When I found out, I did twirls in my swivel chair at work. :) I'm so excited and it was such a relief to find out that I wouldn't have to deal with some 18 year old who hadn't yet shed her blankie or the need for warm milk and a story before bed. YAY!!! I will be in University Hall --the NEW DORM! I'll have a bed that has never been slept in and air conditioning... sigh! This is the life! :) Haha!

I made a new blog because I can't seem to change the email address on my old one to my new address, and I don't like signing in twice.. P.S. If you're looking for the right email service, USE GMAIL! It is amazing! It practically runs your social life for you! I can't say enough about it!

(Sigh) I'm just thinking of how cute my room will be! I think I'll go to Wal-Mart and look at the $1 fabric.. Maybe I can make matching comforter covers for my TWO BEDS!! Haha!